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Help her get her pictures back

This Is Not Freaking Awesome - The Anti-Jared

Cancelled Race, No Refunds Again

I Hope Molly Is The Next FOX Sports North Girl

I Hope Molly Is The Next FOX Sports North Girl - The Anti-Jared

I have never been treated by a man the way he treats me. It is completely foreign to me but what I want and need. What does he mean to me? He means hope for a life I have never known but knew existed. That “thing,” that connection I felt, that was finally finding the other half of my heart. I am just a small part and lucky he wants me to be that small part.

Aaron Deserves Real Friends - The Anti-Jared

Suicide is never the answer but it is hard for some to realize it. I just hope that I am able to make people around me realize it.

Dear Abby, Yesterday a woman wrote to you asking advice about wearing a bikini. She was a plus-sized woman (about 60 or 70 pounds overweight), who wore a one piece bathing suit in public and a bikini top/shorts at home. You responded, and you did something that bothered me.

My Response to Dear Abby on an Overweight Woman

This girl deserves to go to a Katy Perry concert

Cameron Deserves To Go To A Katy Perry Concert - The Anti-Jared

I Cried When I Heard About Her Weight Gain

I Cried When I Heard About Her Weight Gain - The Anti-Jared

After that I had to use the bathroom at least a couple of times a day. I would say the same thing and everyone would leave me alone. I would go in the bathroom and turn on the fan. I would pull out my phone and either read some articles or play a game. I would never check my emails or respond to work related items. This was a vacation for me. This was my five minutes away from the world. It was my getaway.

The Bathroom Is My "Daddy Time-Out" - The Anti-Jared

It doesn't matter that the giggles may not have been directed at him. Tony Posnanski shares a powerful moment in his recovery from food addiction.

What It's Like When You Weigh 380 Pounds and Order a Salad -

Your company was up 3.3% in net yields last quarter, which was one of your best in your tenure. To say there was little your company could do is untrue. You all chose not to help. You all chose not to make an exception, which should have been made.

To The CEO Of Norwegian Cruise Line - The Anti-Jared

I Think Chandler Would Have Loved Fat Monica

Watch inspiring girl dance

“I do not know why you are apologizing. I apologize. We burnt your son’s pizza and I would love to make a new one.”

I Burnt A Boy's Pizza - The Anti-Jared

Dirty Girl Cancelled A Race, Kept $200,000.

To The Sponsors Of The Dirty Girl Mud Run - The Anti-Jared

What I want my daughter to be when she grows up

Chasing Happy - The Anti-Jared

Why my wife never knew I was in Shape Magazine

My Wife Never Knew I Was In Shape Magazine - The Anti-Jared

Redefining how you look at homelessness

Erin Andrews was called a "b" and Tony Posnanski was reminded of the day a reader schooled him for using the word, even in jest.

The Word She Heard Before Her Husband Hit Her -

You called her a female dog. One that waits to be fed and taken out to go to the bathroom. You called her a promiscuous woman because of her interview. Many men had the exact same questions to Wainwright. You did not call them a b*tch. No, you wanted to feel superior. Well, you are not. You are a human being just like Erin Andrews is. Just like billions of people out there.

Today I needed to read your post. See, I am not going to be condescending and tell you that weight loss is this magical playground. I am not going to tell you that if I can do it so can you. Man, I hate when people say that. I am not going to tell you that it is worth it and so are you and if you only did this and that then life would be so much better.

To The Lonely Human Of New York - The Anti-Jared

Why I cleaned the dirty dishes yesterday

Why I Cleaned The Dirty Dishes Yesterday - The Anti-Jared

Bethanny...I also tried on my five year old's clothes