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Jessica Woehler

Jessica Woehler

follow dreams. wish on stars. believe in magic.

Well, Moriarty was a "better class of criminal."

British TV and Emotional Damage Doctor who... Merlin... Sherlock... Downton Abbey....

Because fandom crossovers are the best, and this would certainly happen if the Doctor met Sherlock and John.

You've always mattered. | by alicexz @ // bbc sherlock; sherlock holmes; molly hooper; sherlolly

Waaat? This is gorgeous! 15 Incredible Pieces Of "Sherlock" Fan Art - I remember cry drew something like this once with a friend's carrie.

John... your pain... your damage... it's times like this when we get just a glimpse of your past... your trauma... John...

I LOVE THIS!! if I have a littte girl this would be so cute to hang and maybe even make it a growth chart thing.

When you watch sherlock season 3: "You're gonna suffer...but you're gonna be happy about it." Lol!

OME I LOVE THIS!!!! It has my all time favorite Disney character!!! STITCH!!!!!

FIRST OF ALL, we all of course knew exactly whose eyes these were just by the initial glance. SECOND OF ALL don't look closely if you want your feels to survive

Sorry Ros. Had to repin from you.

Haunted Mansion facade... and if you think this is amazing, you should see "it's a small world!"

inspiration, love and gratitude

Dusky dress by NaturallyBohemian on Etsy. I would wear this everywhere. If I got crazy looks from people, I just wouldn't care.

Sherlock - sherlock-on-bbc-one Fan Art

Schwerin Castle - Mecklenburg Vorpommern, Germany.

So this just happened...

My father wouldn't he would steal my food before he came into my room at night, that place is a warzone.

Leutasch Gorge near Mittenwald in Bavaria.

Mittenwald, Germany, in the Bavarian Alps.

21 Amazing secrets of London - All the times I've explored this city... some of these things were right under my nose and I didn't even know it! List of places to discover next time I'm there!