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The Bean Lady

Super cool garden and gardening ideas and some things to try out.....

Brick raised vegetable beds

Covering potatoes with straw

I love this reuse of an old canoe as a raised bed.

The Garden Party by KatGee, via Flickr. funky

Growing Ginger: Gardening

How to create a clutter-free garden | Add objects with meaning |

vintage light globes as hanging planters

This is how to make tall, thick celery that is bunched together like at the grocery.

Grow potatoes vertically! After a season of doing this I would definitely suggest using hay instead of soil

how to sew potato grow bags using landscape fabric

DIY Plant Markers • Ideas & Tutorials!

Pallets for raised bed gardening! .. low cost, high yield and simply done

Gorgeous Wood Bookcase stairs - Vintage Home Decor Ideas

Did you know that cornmeal is birth control for seeds? Sprinkle it on your garden and it will keep weed seeds from germinating and growing into plants. Of course, cornmeal will keep any seed from germinating, so don’t try this on your vegetable garden until your plants are established and you’ve finished planting seeds.

What to plant near each other - Companion Planting Poster

A thyme lawn. Prettier than grass, needs no mowing or watering, (much less wasted water), purple blooms in the summer, and smells lovely when you walk on it.

garden teas for growing

Todays' photos are from Barbara Curtiss in Kent, Connecticut. We've visited Barbara's garden before (refresh your memory HERE), and we love how she and her husband have collaborated on their...