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30 Must Follow Christian Moms

We are moms who desire to be “better” even though we are busy. Join us here for tons of inspiration and encouragement as we raise children who will impact the world, take care of our homes, love our husbands, and ultimately honor God with our lives!

Have you ever blown your budget with an impulsive purchase and then regretted it later? Buying on impulse can happen to the best of us, but it doesn't have to spell disaster. Don't miss these five smart ways to finally get control over your impulse spending.....once and for all! #smartmoney

I am sooo excited to share something that has been going on behind the scenes for weeks. Jami of Young Wife’s Guide and Jolene of The Alabaster Jar having been busy building the site and putting speakers in place. I will be speaking on Biblical Motherhood and would LOVE for you to join us that weekend! …

When the world is a scary place, we need to remember these promises.... includes a children's book giveaway for a limited time!

Tips for planning the perfect family night!

Do you ever struggle to embrace fall? To lay down all the care-free days of summer? Take heart mamas, the good stuff holds steady- and at harvest time, there is great fruit!

Esther {Week 4 Video} ~ Preparing to be used by God, for such a time as this... by Whitney Cain Daugherty. She reminds us just saying, “Not me, not now…” doesn’t limit God’s fulfillment of His plan, it just limits our participation in the greater story He’s writing that we can’t yet see." -

Do you ever struggle to find a quiet place to spend time with God? Oh, mama, we’ve got you covered today with 10 creative ideas for where you can escape to get in the Word. Number 4 is genius!

5 Practical Ways to Deal with Laundry and Boys

Do you have barriers in marriage that get in the way of your oneness? Perhaps in-law trouble? This post is for you.

This tip is pure GENIUS!! Never mess with trying to cut up a raw pumpkin again. I cannot believe more people aren't following these simple directions to cook pumpkins whole. So much easier and less time-consuming! You've got to try it!

  • keiza latief, I would love to join your "Tried & True Recipes" board. Can you invite me please ?.. thanks

How does a mom in North America stretch her heart and her hands half way around the world to help a woman in poverty care for her child? Is there a way? Friends, its our honor to introduce you to The Lulu Tree today- an organization of mothers equipping mothers to thrive. Won’t you join us? We can help.

The 3rd Annual "Living and Active" Physical & Spiritual Challenge (Starts September 29th):

What are the most important things I can pass on to our son? Here is a FREE printable of those 12 Lessons I Want Him to Learn Before He Turns 12.

So I went to the book store and what did I see? A Messy Beautiful Love book lookin at me ♥ A MUST READ!!!