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30 Must Follow Christian Moms

We are moms who desire to be “better” even though we are busy. Join us here for tons of inspiration and encouragement as we raise children who will impact the world, take care of our homes, love our husbands, and ultimately honor God with our lives!

Have you ever heard that quiet whisper telling you to jump? Taking a leap of faith is scary but trusting God is always worth the risk. Don't miss these three important choices we all must make when faced with a call to action. Will you be brave today?

Are you a mom who need to make your child's birthday cake? Are you a professional chef? Cake decorator?This post shows you a fantastic FREE class that will teach you how to make the perfect buttercream frosting, as well as some tricks and tips to making a beautiful cake!!

Teaching and training your children in the Bible can be an overwhelming task. This post addresses the importance of "feeding our little sheep" and the guidelines of discipling them....

We are called to disciple our children, but what does that really mean? This post includes four simple guidelines.

The community might look different, but its function to work as iron sharpening iron still applies (Proverbs 27:17). We can help each other learn as we share what we are learning and our experiences.

My Love Affair With The Library

How to cut your grocery bill in half. These five simple strategies can save you hundreds each month on the food your family already buys. A must read!

  • Laura Gerstemeier

    Stop buying processed food! All that stuff in boxes and cans are processed. I cut our bill down from 800 a month to 250 on a family of 6. It's time to go back to preparing ahead of time, canning, and making things from scratch.

  • M. Thiru

    Exactly. Great tip. You can eat very well by going back to basics. Grains, such as brown rice, quinoa, oats, & many others are very healthy and versatile, especially paired with beans & lentils. They are not very expensive in the long run and last months if you buy in bulk (even cheaper...we buy from costco or Amazon). We also buy frozen veggies in bulk and whole grain pasta. Limiting dairy and meat has helped a lot too. We buy frozen chicken breasts and ground turkey in bulk.

Having enriching things for your children help grow them as individuals, something very missed on our culture of wanting our kids to be all alike. 7 Great things to have in your home!

Do you find yourself struggling to deal with the problems in your life? Here are 7 ways you can resolve the conflict in your life today....

"A library implies an act of faith which generations, still in darkness hid, sign in their night in witness of the dawn." - Victor Hugo

Author Tricia Goyer shares some library lovin'.

4 Important Reasons to Smile at Your Husband @

My favorite blogging planning resources: includes training services, books, site recommendations, free book review resources for bloggers and more!

Do you struggle to find time alone with God? We have five questions to help you evaluate where you are, find the time you need and set up a new quiet time today.

Why Your Older Kids Fight Your Teaching... and How To Fix That - Homeschool Veteran and Mom, Tricia Goyer shares from her own experience.

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