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Love Eagles? Follow this board for Eagle toys, news, photos, stuffed animals, humor, jewelry, and other stuff.

Bald Eagle Mask (Foam) at, a toy store featuring 3,000+ stuffed animals.

This jaw-dropping action shot of an Austrain Bald Eagle was taken while the eagle was attempting to land during crosswinds. (photo by: Sitzwohl Bernhard)

Crosswind by Sitzwohl Bernhard | 500px

~~ Martial Eagle ~~

Martial Eagle by Frank Dalgity | 500px

The Field Guide to Birds at, a family-owned toy store.

The Field Guide to Birds

Ever wonder how big an eagle's talon is? via Reddit

"AWESOME" ( I would like to meet the person, that took this picture! )

Tribal Eagle T-Shirt at, an animal-themed superstore.

Tribal Eagle T-Shirt

Liberty the Eagle (Mini Flopsies) at, a family-owned toy store.

Liberty the Eagle (Mini Flopsies)


Gotcha by Henrik Nilsson | 500px

Bald Eagles they fly around the locks and ferry's in the St Louis Missouri area on the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers in the winter time

Patriotic Moon Eyes Eagle T-Shirt at, a family-owned gift shop with 12,000+ animal-themed items.

Eagle - Charles Glatzer