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Frogs and Toads

Love Frogs? Follow this board for Frog toys, news, photos, stuffed animals, humor, jewelry, and other stuff.

frogs - Yahoo! Search Results

frogs - Yahoo Search Results

Frog on Leaf Pendant at, a family-owned toy store.

~~waiting for a friend ~ frog friends by Ellena Sustani~~

waiting for a friend

Victory Frog T-Shirt at, an animal-themed superstore.

Victory Frog T-Shirt

Marcasite Frog Tennis Bracelet at, a toy store featuring 3,000+ stuffed animals.

Marcasite Frog Tennis Bracelet


The Unexpected Beauty of the Tiny Frog.

During the cold winters, the Alaskan Wood Frog becomes a frog shaped block of ice. It stops breathing, and its heart stops beating. When Spring arrives the frog thaws and returns to normal going along its merry way. Amazing Animals! Thanks to Amazing Earth (FB)

Tweezing spiders (feeding the frog). I saw this idea featured at Living Montessori Now Leap Year activities post from The Preschool Experiment (she has such a great Pond unit post). This is an empty parmesan cheese container. I glued two green pom-poms, two googly eyes and a piece of red felt.

My Little Princess World: At the pond (2)

Atelopus zeteki, Panamanian Golden Frog, in habitat. IUCN Redlist: Critically Endangered. Provincia Cocle', Panama. | Flickr: Intercambio de...

Mini Poison Dart Frogs (1 Frog) at, an animal-themed superstore.

Mini Poison Dart Frogs (1 Frog)

Waterpoppers: Frog at, a toy store that has shipped over 1.2 million items.

Waterpoppers: Frog