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Healthy Holiday Detox - Green Smoothies, Juices, Cleanses, & Workout Tips for the New Year

Healthy Holiday Detox Tips for the New Year: Raw Vegan Green Smoothies, Green Juices, The Scoop on Cleanses, Healthy Raw Vegan Recipes to tone and revitalize, Nutrition Facts, "Get Into Shape" Workout Tips and Inspiration, Product Suggestions, Favourite Healthy Support Resources, and more.

PAPAYA PLEASURE SMOOTHIE from The Blender Girl Cookbook from Mara Meredith of Family Fresh Cooking. I LOVE this smoothie because it is quick and easy, loaded with nutrients, and so refreshing.

Join me and @Omega Hedgepeth Appliances for a 3 Day Juice Cleanse with Karen Kipp from Power Your Journey.

Choosing Raw shares the CHAI RICE PUDDING from The Blender Girl cookbook. I LOVE Rice Pudding! The Chai Rice Pudding recipe on page 160 of The Blender Girl cookbook is just so delicious. If I had an hour left on the earth I may just spend it in a vat of this! I love blending the rice and milk in order to quickly make this a decadent creamy experience. Mmmmm. Pure comfort food.

Chai Rice Pudding From THE BLENDER GIRL Cookbook

*VIDEO* I make the INCREDIBLY EDIBLE EDAMAME DIP from The Blender Girl Cookbook with Blythe Healthy Living. You just throw everything in your Vitamix and devour. So easy.

These Lemon Green Beans with Garlic and Almonds are a staple in our house because they are super easy, scrumptious, are alkaline, and loaded with nutrients. I even love them cold.

Amongst my friends this little gem is affectionately referred to as "the amazing dip that everybody begs for." Yes. It really is that good. Just throw everything into your food processor and you've got a show stopper. I have been making this recipe for years ever since Kurma Dasa introduced me to this recipe and it just never gets old. YUM!

Raw Vegan Dip | Raw Cashew Dip | Healthy Blender Recipes

Liquid Strawberries and Cream for dessert anyone? This is another favourite on the website. It is just so simple and delicious. Oh, where would we be without cashews. They do such an amazing job of replicating dairy in smoothies. Oh, show me the way to heaven with a smile on my face.

This Green Queen Salad from page 97 of The Blender Girl cookbook is a go-to staple in our house because the dressing is SO delicious and you can mix it up with whatever fresh herbs you have on hand. This is the blend of veggies I like the best. But, you can totally make this your own and use any mix of greens and other toppings you like. I love adding raw nuts and hemp seeds to salads for a protein boost. This lean green machine is loaded with goodness and it looks so vibrant.

This Pina Colada Green Smoothie is really interesting because it tastes like it juuuust might have a nip of rum in it. What's the secret? Dandelion greens. When blended in the right amounts the bitterness mixed with the natural sweetness of the pineapple results in a flavour that is reminiscent of alcohol. Healthy mocktail anyone? I love this blend.

This Roasted Beet Dip is such a winner. Unlike most beet dips it is dairy free and vegan....and Oh, so tasty! This was featured on Chow.Com and became an instant favourite on the web. Even beet skeptics agree, this is a stunner, a winner, and not to be missed.

Beetroot Dip | Vegan Dips | Healthy Blender Recipes

All of my friends love this shot from the book. It's the Corn Chowder from page 123 of The Blender Girl cookbook. I wear black a lot and I think they are responding to me wearing bright aqua. It's a colour I would normally never wear. But, this has become my favourite sweater...probably for nostalgia. I just had so much fun on the shoot for the book. But, back to the corn chowder. Wow. That's all I can say about that little blend.

Vitamix Recipes | Smoothie Recipes | Healthy Blender Recipes

DAY 3 of The Blender Girl Progressive Dinner and Aida Mollenkamp shares the Raw Watermelon Gazpacho from page 120 of The Blender Girl book. I love this dish because it is just bursting with flavour. Like a fabulous sangria this gets better after chilling for about 24 hours.

Beating The Heat: Spicy Watermelon Gazpacho - Aida Mollenkamp

Green Thickies shares the ANTIOXIDANT AVENGER SMOOTHIE from The Blender Girl cookbook. This is loaded with nutrients, superfoods, and antioxidant power is through the roof. It's also SUPER delicious! You could add some spinach or radish greens to add more nutrients. I can't get enough of this smoothie.

Antioxidant Avenger from NEW Blender Girl Book

Two Peas and Their Pod share the RAW CHOCOLATE PUDDING from The Blender Girl cookbook. This simple dessert takes literally 5 minutes to make and uses avocado as the base. It is SO delicious and kids LOVE it.

APPLE PIE SMOOTHIE from The Blender Girl cookbook. This really does taste like a melted apple pie in a glass. People SWOON over this recipe. Just throw everything in your Vitamix and devour. This is hard to stop making and drinking it is SO good!

Apple Pie Smoothie

Silvana Nardone shares the RAW CHOCOLATE ORANGE TORTE from The Blender Girl Cookbook. This is a showstopper and is SO easy. You just throw everything in your Vitamix and freeze. The hardest part is waiting for it to be ready. I lick out the entire carriage when I make this. SO SO SO good.

Super Healthy Kids shares the INCREDIBLY EDIBLE EDAMAME DIP from The Blender Girl cookbook. This is so delicious and you just throw everything into your Vitamix and devour. People swoon over this recipe. YUM!

Incredibly Edible Edamame Dip by Blender Girl | All Content

The Detoxinista shares the CREAMY CAULIFLOWER SOUP from page 104 of The Blender Girl Cookbook. This is SO easy with just 6 ingredients and is absolutely delicious. This recipe is a showstopper and will make you look like a gourmet chef in under 30 minutes. Still my most requested recipe. Not to be missed!

Creamy Cauliflower Soup & The Blender Girl Cookbook « Detoxinista

La Fuji Mama shares the Vegan PENANG CURRY from The Blender Girl Cookbook. You can also win a copy of the book. This curry is mild, super tasty, and so comforting in the cold weather.

The Blender Girl's Penang Curry + A Giveaway!

Tastes-Like-Ice-Cream Kale Smoothie from page 45 of The Blender Girl Cookbook. Check out the recipe, the video I shot with Weelicious, and win 1 of 2 copies of the book. This is still the most popular recipe on my site. I get about 100 emails a week. SO easy, SO delicious, and not to be missed!

kale ice cream

Day 1 Of The Blender Girl Progressive Dinner and Whitney from Eco Vegan Gal shares the Pineapple Salsa Smoothie from page 46 of The Blender Girl Book. This smoothie is one of all-time favourite drinks because it really takes you on a journey. It hits you on the front end. expands in the mouth, and has an amazing back end kick. What a fabulous blend of sweet, savoury, and spicy. YUM!

Pineapple Salsa Smoothie: Recipe from The Blender Girl Book

To celebrate the release of THE BLENDER GIRL cookbook on Tuesday, I am giving away SEVEN @Vitamix BLENDERS! Win 1 of 4 Vitamix 5200 Machines, and then 1 of 3 Vitamix 750 machines. Let's start with the 5200 machines. Spread the word. Good luck!!!

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White Bean Ratatouille

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