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The original traveling red dress (modeled by @thebloggess)

  • Aunt Ruth

    @Jennifer Lawson Have you read this, sweetheart? Because it has you written all through it, and a lot of us white girls came to it late::

  • Alicia Stavropoulos

    Sweetest idea in the history of ever. ♥

  • Browen Dosch

    When I read this blog entry (as I do many of yours) I thought to myself , why is she in my brain?! I've thought this so many times! You're brilliant, and you look stunning :)

The original traveling red dress

The Traveling Red Dress | The Bloggess
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Traveling red cloak?

CosGeek: Little Red Riding Hood
  • Veronica Rexford

    LOVE the steampunk

  • Brassy Steamington

    My favorite thing about this one is that it is from the book I am in. Steampunk Fashion by Spurgeon Vaughn Ratcliffe. Go Steampunks!

  • Meg B

    Steampunk, Red Riding Hood, and as far as I'm concerned, I could wear it anywhere. Why don't I own this again?

  • Brassy Steamington

    You SHOULD own this. Yes!

  • Meg B

    Thank you, thank you. Everyone sensible should!

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Not everyone's red dress is the same

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Red Satin Organdie Wedding Dress
  • Jennifer Coss

    I'm totally in love with this dress! I want to walk up and down the streets of D.C. in this dress. LOVE IT!

  • Amanda Bedwell

    These are beautiful, have you looked at I think I'm going to buy one from there & continue the tradition down here!

I just ordered this one in size 14, red to be donated as soon as it comes in.

Gorgeous Burgundy Strapless Beading Taffeta Ball Gown
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