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Ares. Hermitage Museum. St. Petersburg, Russia.


Antique indigo cotton Japanese katazome floral.

The Rosetta Stone - the discovery in 1799 that unlocked the key to hyroglyphics

Design for a Gothic window, 1742

Ray Morimura | EclecticTrends

Votive Church (German: Votivkirche) is a neo-Gothic church located on the Ringstraße in Vienna, Austria


'Graph of the educational curriculum at the Bauhaus', 1923. Courtesy: VG Bild-Kunst, Germany, from the Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin

'Vision of a Buddha's Paradise.' The sculpture is considered the finest example of Gandharan art ever found

Katsushika Hokusai(葛飾北斎 1760-1849)

Domaru Armor with Dark Blue Lacing, Helmet and Wide Arm-Protectors.Domaru-style armor was worn by foot soldiers. This style of armor encircles the soldier's body with the edges and is fastened on the right side. Unlike the oyoroi-style armor used by officers, domaru armor was relatively easy to wear; the kusazuri skirts were divided into at least five sections to allow freedom of movement of the legs and hips.

Rear view. Hylas. 1846. H.W.Bissen. -- In classical mythology, Hylas was a youth who served as a companion of Heracles (Roman Hercules). His abduction by water nymphs was a theme of ancient art


Yakshi , Stone, India, Kushan Dynasty 2nd Century CK 69 Kyoto National Museum . This bust originally decorated the walls surrounding a stupa. The reddish sandstone indicates that it may have been made in the Mathura area in Central India.

Necklace with beads that represent jaguar faces, pre-Columbian 1-800 A.D.

Lorenzo de Medici (detail) Medici Chapel of Church of San Lorenzo in Florence, Tuscany, 1525-1534 // Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564)

The mirror with seven bells. In the Kofun period, the ting-a-ling was considered to be a voice of God. The Kofun period (AD.250-AD.592).

Aurelius Antoninus Pius, late 1400s. Italy, Lombard School, 15th century.

Dance at Bougival - Pierre-Auguste Renoir

La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona. This IS an amazing building in progress.

伊藤若冲 Itō Jakuchū