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Boat Galley Cooking Techniques

Boat cooking IS different -- no nearby grocery stores, conserving water and propane, few electrical appliances -- and these cooking techniques make it easier!

It's late, you're tired and there's no restaurant or carry out. Meal ideas that only take 5 minutes

Meals in a Hurry

Quick reference guide

Fresh Herbs and Spices vs. Dried

How to plan meals and create a provisioning list

Charter Meal Planning

Easier for you and better for the environment

Water Filtering Systems

Going from shore power to inverter takes an adjustment

Running a Microwave on an Inverter

Dont ruin your spices!

A Leading Cause of Dead Spices

Taste great and last two years without refrigeration

Good Powdered Eggs

Choosing what foods to buy

Provisioning Choices

Just one of several great ways to make coffee with no eletricity

Manual Drip Cone Coffee

Favorite meals that work well on a moving boat

10 Great Meals When Underway

11 wonderful ways to use yogourt: Breakfast snack dessert and more

Yogurt Serving Ideas

Light rye with a touch of orange

Swedish Rye Bread

A boat-friendly food processor

Manual Food Processor

The Secret to a Crispy Crust

Make a Better Pizza Crust

How to Measure Unusual Amounts

Measuring Weird Amounts

Delicious Shrimp and Artichokes Recipe - easy download

Shrimp & Artichokes

Delicious beef or pork marinade!!

Marinade Recipe