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The Boat Galley Ventilation

Products to keep the heat out of your boat (or RV) kitchen

Ventilation - It can be tough to stay cool in the tropics, particularly in the summer aboard a boat without air conditioning. Here are five ways to improve air ...

Wind Scoops -- A wind scoop is a big help in staying cool on a boat and in the galley, but a 4-way wind scoop is like a wind scoop on steroids! And now I've found a source with a high quality 4-way wind scoop at less than half the price of other sellers. Read more at

We learned that ventilation is one of the most important things to summertime comfort on the boat. Wish I'd known about these neat fans when we were upgrading ours -- they're a lot better than the solar vents we used!

BreezeBooster works well if you don't have a halyard available for a 4-way wind scoop! From

Breeze Booster -- great alternative to a traditional wind scoop if you don't have a halyard. Perfect for cats and powerboats!

Keep your portholes open even if it's raining

A Simple Exhaust Fan -- no installation, no holes in the deck, easy to remove in case of rain. Moves 4 times as much air as just using a computer fan and can be hardwired or plugged in to a cigarette lighter. See it at

Wind scoops help a lot to keep a boat cool, 4-way wind scoops are even better and these from Cruising Solutions are just $40 (about half the price of other sellers) -- with great quality. Recommended by

I love these Caframo 12-volt fans -- they move tons of air with very low power draw. Approximately $53 -- available in white and black