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Italian Pastry Recipes

Agnese Italian Recipes: Vegan recipe : Italian Cloud Cake of carrots

Agnese Italian Recipes: Amalfi Cake with almonds and lemon

Sospiri: Tiny Italian Pastries to Celebrate Columbus Day

breakfast at lizzy's: Pasticciotti - italian pastries with custard

I wanted to be a chef, so I took some classes and realized I just wanted to cook and bake for family and friends

Broxholm road: pesche dolci - italian pastries

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    Look amazing ! I'm sitting here thinking about making these. Think I'll give it a try .

Ive been dying to try and these: Cannoli Top 10 Best Italian Recipes

pesto grilled prawns - homemade pesto recipe.

Beef Burrito Casserole

They are located in Campania, Abruzzo and even in Palermo, where they cook with some small but substantial variation. Tradition has it that struffoli be prepared during the holiday season. For those who still had never heard of struffoli, suffice to say that they are small balls of sweet dough, fried and then dipped in honey and decorated with colored sprinkles and candied fruit

Cannoli Siciliani recipe : #Sicilian #Cannoli best #recipe According to legend, the birth of cannoli would take place in Caltanissetta, "Kalt El Nissa" phrase which in Arabic means "Castle of women", at that time home to numerous harem Saracen emirs. The cannolo would therefore have ancient origins, although it has undergone several transformations over the centuries, and its ancestor may have been a cake shaped like a banana, stuffed with ricotta, almonds and honey

Agnese Italian Recipes: #Pistachio #Amaretto #Biscotti : Italian #recipe

Chocolate Banana Cake Mix Biscotti – Super Yummy Recipes

A very yummy recipe for Italian chocolate ricotta pies.. Italian Chocolate Ricotta Pies Recipe from Grandmothers Kitchen.

Cake Mix Italian Cream Cake - This cake is DELICIOUS and the frosting is the absolute best I have ever tasted,,

Ricotta and Pear Cake from Southern Italian Desserts -

Italian fried bows/ribbons (FARFELLETTE) with powdered sugar

Teach Your Kids to Use Herbs: Part II

Using natural dyes from nature, of course: For yellows ~ Coreopsis, Goldenrod, Onion skins, Dandelions. For greens ~ Lily of the Valley, Queen Anne's Lace, Rhododendron, Spinach, Nettles. For purples or lavenders ~ Blackberries, Elderberries, Mulberries For reds ~ Hibiscus, Sumac. For pinks ~ Strawberries, Cherries, Roses. For browns ~ Acorns, Marigold. Build a fire under dye kettle in last photo and boil away!

Italian Cream Cake

Italian Lemon Drop Cookies

Mini Cannoli Cheesecakes | cheesecake with a hint of orange covered in cannoli filing and rolled in mini chocolate chips, Heaven! from willcookforsmiles...

Italian Gelato Recipes # Pin++ for Pinterest #