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grow bay leaves, catnip, chamomile, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon balm, oregano, peppermint, rose petals, spearmint, tansy, wormwood to dry and sprinkle in nesting boxes

"My friend Robin recycle my old kitchen cabinets and made a home for her nesting hens. Eco friendly, thrifty and cute!" < How AWESOME is that?!

Build a Chicken Coop Out of an Old Camper Top Your old camper top can easily be converted into housing for chickens, young goats, dogs or other small homestead critters.

Plants to grow for the chickens to eat

Boredom Busters for Chickens tasty nibbles of wheat, seeds, fruit and molasses (hence you will find it is sticky to touch). Molasses were used, according to my old poultry keeping book, in poultry feed in days gone by, and is said to help the hens digestion.

Sand. Bedding option for coop floor. Drier. Better temperature control. Cleaner. Easier to clean. Need to clean out less often. Ideal for chickens to have a dust bath in, regardless of the weather.

diy pvc chicken coop watering system going to do this with the next flock I get.

the chicken coop checklist.... great suggestions!

List of Herbs For Healthy Chickens.

BE PREPARED at your COOP!! Genious! eww SNAKES use Minnow TRAP ALWAYS sitting around the CHICKEN coop and run!!! DONT WAIT for a problem!!! link to tons of pictures and forum! ..............pss if you cut two 2ltr plastic soda bottles in 1/2 you can make the same thing with rabbit pen wire rolled for the middle.

Chicken Breeds: Chick and egg identification