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Joshua Gish

Joshua Gish

DIY: mini snow globe favors

DIY: geometric paint chip christmas tree

DIY: paint chip gift tags

  • Denise Williams

    I doubt that the stores are going to have a mad rush of people coming into their stores stealing paint chips and I really doubt that they'll raise the paint prices due to a couple of chips taken. I still think its a clever idea.

  • Colleen Knight

    I have tons of paint chips just sitting with my paint supplies! This is a fantastic way to use them!

  • Kim DeGiulio

    I asked a paint rep if he had paint chips I could purchase for crafts and he told me no, take as many as you want and when I come in to restock if I'm really low I will know the girl with the pink hair has been here. He gave me permission to take as many as I wanted. He was from Behr paint. So if you think prices will go up, talk to the paint rep. More than likely they won't have an issue with it.

  • Terri Griffin

    Love this idea............

  • allison williams

    I am constantly pic these up to compare colors! didn't think of this! great idea

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DIY: extra long coat rack

Make a photo back drop using festive Christmas fabric. Great for Christmas cards!

A chalkboard welcome sign for the front door

draw on sandpaper with crayon, turn upside down, iron onto T-shirt. how proud will kids be to wear their original art designs!