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the muse // career

Expert advice for navigating a successful career |

There's so much more behind your performance review //

The Surprising History of Your Least Favorite Work Activity

We get it. You got busy. Here are our top picks for the week (we won't hold it against you) //

What You Missed: The 5 Most Popular Articles This Week

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3 Bad Boss Personalities—and How to Deal With Them

6 Game-changing job search strategies //

6 Game-Changing Job Search Strategies

Always wanted to be a designer? Here's how to do it //

How to Become a Designer at Any Stage of Your Career

Why having multiple careers is A-OK! //

Why Having Multiple Careers is Totally OK

7 Questions to help find your life purpose //

Make your next presentation TED worthy //

How to Make Your Next Presentation TED Talk-Worthy

When you're too stressed to realize your hair is falling out. It's time to make a change //

3 Productivity Lessons I Learned the Hard Way

Did you know resilient people are happier? Here's how to be like them //

Why Resilient People Are Happier—and How to Be More Like Them

That criticism could seriously turn you into a superstar //

How to Turn Tough Criticism Into Serious Success

When was the last time you said this to a co-worker? //

3 Little Words That Will Transform Your Work Relationships

Attracting Recruiters on LinkedIn couldn't be easier //

3 Smart Ways to Attract Recruiters to Your LinkedIn Profile

3 Super easy ways to get the dirt on a new job before you accept //

3 Ways to Get the Dirt on a New Job Before You Accept

Mindfulness is way more valuable than you'd think //

You shall no longer be confused by tech terms //

How to get things done faster? Use the power of crowdsourcing //

Make every commute enjoyable with these tips //

11 Ways to Make Your Commute Suck Less

Should you stay or should you go? //

Martha Stewarts #1 piece of career advice //

Martha Stewart's #1 Piece of Career Advice

The one technique that'll make you an awesome storyteller //

Feeling overworked? Reset using these 5 tips //

5 Ways to Reset Your Work-Life Balance When You're Crazy Busy

It pains us to tell you this... but coffee makes you less productive //

Bad News: Coffee Actually Makes You Less Productive

They lied on their resume and got caught //

5 Executives Who Lied on Their Resume (and Got Caught)

Everything you need to know about launching a new product //

The Super-Simple Guide to Launching a New Product Into the World