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the muse // productivity hacks

Secrets and tips to working at your best |

Does checking your email take up too much time? Try this awesome trick //

A Small But Helpful Gmail Trick in the War Against Distraction

44 Apps you need to be way more productive //

44 Apps You Need to Be Way More Productive

Can't seem to get motivated? Just these tips //

5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Do Anything

8 Expert-Backed secrets to making the perfect to-do list //

8 Expert-Backed Secrets to Making the Perfect To-Do List

Banish the time wasters //

15 Ways You're Probably Wasting Time (and How to Stop)

Have the most productive ten minutes ever //

10 Ways to Get Ahead in the Next 10 Minutes

Awesome productivity quotes you've never heard before //

18 Powerful Productivity Quotes You've Never Heard Before

The best way to get started on an incredibly daunting project //

How to Get Started on an Incredibly Daunting Project

Productivity quotes that can seriously make you complete anything //

18 Powerful Productivity Quotes You've Never Heard Before

Are you bored at work? Here's how to stay productive and organized //

33 Ways to Boost Your Career When You're Bored at Work

The way you view time could dictate how productive you are //

Change Your View of Time to Get Way More Done

The best way to start a new habit can be piggybacking off an old one. Too easy //

4 Research-Backed Ways to Build Great Work Habits

No more Procrastination! //

3 Ways to Force Yourself to Focus

Power through that to-do list //

15 Actually Helpful Tricks for Powering Through Your To-Do List

5 Things Award-Winning Workers Do //

5 Things All Award-Winning Workers Do

How To Stop Checking Your Email All The Time //

How to Actually Stop Checking Your Email All the Time

Reading. It's so much more valuable than you think

The Simple Task That'll Make You Seem Smarter Than Most People

It's possible to be productive AND work from home //

How to Actually Be Productive When You're Working From Home

Who knew imagination could lead to more productivity?

11 Ways Your Imagination Can Make You Better at Your Job

The Cliffhanger Method Will Help You Get the Tough Stuff Done //

8 Quick Ways to Slash Your Procrastination //

8 Quick Ways to Slash Your Procrastination

Beat Stress //

5 Unconventional (but Totally Effective) Ways to Beat Stress