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Ashley Saunders

Bimini historian, preservationist, poet laureate, author, and distinguished educator, Ashley is the founder and owner of The Dolphin House.

Inspired by an enchanting swim with wild dolphins Ashley Saunders custom designed & constructed every inch of The Dolphin House with objects found on the islands beaches washed in from the gulf stream or donated by it's international visitors, including conch shells, license plates, coral, glass, tile and so much more. The Dolphin House also reflects in its construction his attention to artistic detail and determination to build a home that would last for generations to come!

Ashley taking a break to hang with Canadian friends of the Dolphin House

Ashley taking a breather alongside the Dolphin House mosaically tiled staircase

Poetry book by Ashley Saunders

Poetry book by Ashley Saunders

Ashley posing with guest Nicola as a modern day pirate. Arrrr! Don't forget to leave your treasure at mi Dolphin House.

Ashley Saunders posing for a photo with a guest on the roof of the Dolphin House

Ashley Saunders standing next to the Dolphin House's mosaically tiled staircase.

Ashley Saunders with a recent guest of the Dolphin House, displaying his History of Bimini volumes I & II

Ashley and his son Hafis in 2001 standing next to an earlier construction of The Dolphin House.

Ashley standing outside of the Dolphin House with a guest.

Outside view of the Dolphin House

Ashley discussing the artistry of the staircase he designed & built for his Dolphin House.

Ashley posing with guest at entrance of The Dolphin House.

Ashley and guest standing on roof of The Dolphin House.

Ashley standing inside his work of art The Dolphin House

Ashley smiling with Sea-shelled sailboat in The Dolphin House gift shop.

Ashley poses in front of the Dolphin House

Ashley posing in front of his Dolphin House.

Ashley posing next to 'The Wall For The Ages.' at his dedication ceremony in Felicity California.

Recipient of the distinguished Cacique award in the year 2000.

Photo taken with founders of Felicity, CA (Jacques and Felicity Istel), his sister and son.

Visiting 'The Center of the World' in Felicity, CA

His name is carved into stone on the 'Wall of Ages' at the 'Center of the World' tourist attraction in Felicity, CA