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Twink's Favorite Things

While it's true that Twink may often get into trouble, this mischievous young star has a very kind heart. And a giant crush on a beautiful teenage girl from Earth.

Doctor toast to go with your fish fingers & custard

When you try your hardest to reach for the stars, to no avail, then climb a ladder and grab one. (The Door in the Sky) #books #fantasy

Are you even trying, Universe?

The entrance to Twink's friend's house (he always bumps his head going into the front door). The Door in the Sky #fantasy #fantasybooks

One of Twink's favorite friends. However, it's extremely uncomfortable visiting at her house as he has to squeeze himself into her lantern, and even then, one of his points always sticks out. (The Door in the Sky) #fantasybooks

A dragon practices for the finale of the Four Fairies Floating Follies held at Galdoren Castle (The Door in the Sky). #fantasybooks

The trees in the Enchanted Forest welcome you as you enter (The Door in the Sky). #fantasy #fantasybooks

The dark forest path by DjLuke9 on deviantART

The doorknob to Twink's room at the castle is quite amusing, the only problem is that he talks well into the night.

You find the most interesting creatures while backpacking through Galdoren Woods (The Door in the Sky).

Dragons have long held a soft spot for fairies.

Book Fairies at the Book Nook in Galdoren (The Door in the Sky).