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The Phoenix (Jean Grey)

Dark Phoenix

The Phoenix. According to Egyptian sources a sacred bird was occasionally seen at the temple in Heliopolis, the city of the sun god... The bird symbolized the rising sun, i.e. the day and eternal rebirth. According to an Egyptian myth Osiris transformed into a phoenix bird in Heliopolis. The bird was from time to time depicted sitting in a tree next to Osiris’ coffin, thus symbolizing Osiris’, the dead man’s, resurrection after death.

The mythological legend of the Phoenix. Said to live six hundred years in the wilderness, when it built for itself a funeral pile of aromatic woods, which it ignited with the fanning of its wings, and emerged from the flames with a new life. The phoenix has been adopted universally as a symbol of immortality. The Knights Templar took it for their seal, a phoenix brooding on the flames, with the motto, "Ardet ut vivat" - She burns that she may live.