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Joseph Rodgers & Sons

I'm one of the grandsons of the last, late, Joseph Rodgers. Finding images and stories from across the web, that show how his legacy lives on, has a profound effect on me. By the time of his death he'd seen Joseph Rodgers & Sons change from one if the two biggest cutlers in England to just him. So he'd be happy to know that such craftsmanship is again appreciated by a global community of enthusiasts, and that Master Cutlers are once again plying their trade in the "City of Steel".

Cutlery Works of Joseph Rodgers Manufacturers and Merchants and Dealers of Cutlery of every description. Norfolk Street Sheffield and Cullum Street, Fenchurch, London

Sheffield & Rotherham Steelworks etc

Sheaf Island Works map from 1891

Joseph Rodgers & Sons Cutlers To Their Majesties n° 6 Norfolk Str. Sheffield 6/8 : 3/8 Hollow : Sapphire Blue

Rodgers marks circa 1919

Rodgers marks circa 1919

Demolition of Joseph Rogers and Sons Ltd., River Lane Works recently occupied by Sheffield City Council Housing Department Offices with National Travel and Pond Street Bus Station in the foregrond

Demolition of Joseph Rogers and Sons Ltd., River Lane Works

  • Brian Cox

    I also worked at Rodgers River Lane works in the Cost Office from 1957. The Sheaf St Works as I knew it closed soon after that and all manufacturing crossed the road to the Pond Hill works. Just below is photograph of Stan Holmes manager of the Penknife Dept at the time I worked there. I knew him very well. Just recently on a visit to Sheffield (where I was born) I visited the Cutlers Hall and viewed both the Year Knife and the Norfolk Knife. The story goes that Stan Holmes was the last cutler capable of opening all the blades on the Year Knife in such a way that every blade could be seen clearly and that no blades were added after his time there. I'd love to know if there is any truth in this story. Also I'd love to get in touch with any employees from the time I worked there. Obviously I don't know all the employees and I accept that many would now be dead. If you're interested in my current connection with all things cutlery take a quick peek at Brian Cox Jewellery by typing that heading into Google.

  • Ann Wardley

    Thanks for the Info Brian.. Pinterest is such a good place for folks like us.. I Great to read this I'm all over Google too LOL So many crafts people in old Sheffield yet many lived in back to backs and never got to sign their work sad that Did you go to the Sheffield art School it was my dream to be city and guilds artist but it never happened.. The Reason John Ruskin donated his St George Museum to Sheffield was.. I quote The craftsmen of Sheffield are the finest in the land... Nice of him Cheers Ann

  • Ann Wardley

    You make be related to the Wardleys of Woodseats my great Aunt Cissy Wardley married a Cox and my sons knew a distant cousin David Cox age now about 52 at Abbey lane School

  • Brian Cox

    Hi Ann, I think Woodseats may have been too rich for any of my family. I was born and lived for my first 22years on the Parson Cross estate. I received my schooling at Firth Park Grammar, then went to work at Rodgers for a few years before joining the local council. I never had any art training and in fact never much liked art. I didn't start doing what I'm doing now until I retired from Australia Post in 1996. I still don't like to consider myself an artist but more an artisan with a sense of humour. So if I type in Ann Wardley into Google will I find out what you do? I'll try it anyway.

  • Ann Wardley

    My gran lived on Parsons Cross next door the Derek Dooley when he was a kid Yes just type my name in.. you will be there too now you are on Pinterst Cheers Ann PS I'm embarrassed by the word artist.. too... cus I didn't start till I was 50 and am self taught I much prefer "artisan" but have to say artist as I do watercolours they are on my pinertest page near the top.

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Sheffield City Council Housing Department Offices occupying former premises of Joseph Rogers and Sons Ltd., River Lane Works at the junction of Sheaf Street (left) and Pond Hill

  • Brian Cox

    This is interesting in that I was working on I think the 3rd floor of this building while it was still (just) Joseph Rodgers in 1957. My office (Costs and Works) was in the building that fronts on to Pond Hill not Sheaf St. Just after that the whole works was moved just across the road to the Pond Hill works. No one seems to mention this factory although it was operating at the same time as the Sheaf St factory. When did the Pond Hill works close and is the Queens Head Pub still alive and kicking?

  • Steven Cocker

    Brian cox When you worked at Joseph Rodgers, river lane works did they also call it no6 works, I found an old picture which I think is the River lane works but not 100% sure! Rodgers moved from Pond hill about early 70's and queen head pub is still there today. Many thanks Steven.

Joseph Rodgers and Sons Ltd., cutlery manufacturers, Sheaf Island Works

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Derelict Joseph Rodgers and Sons Ltd., cutlery manufacturers, Sheaf Island Works

Bus Conductor Dennis H Barley (right) and unnamed Regulator (left) at Pond Street Bus Station, Sheaf Island Works - Joseph Rodgers and Sons Ltd., Cutlery Manufacturers (No. 6 Works) in background

The Sheffield Club left; No. 35 and Joseph Rodgers and Sons Ltd., Norfolk Street Works, cutlery manufacturer, Norfolk Strreet looking towards Fitzalan Square with the junction with Milk Street right

Junction of Flat Street (left) and Norfolk Strreet from Fitzalan Square, showing Joseph Rogers and Sons Ltd., cutlery manifacturers and No. 2, Elephant Inn with the clock on the General Post Office left

Pond Street Bus Station looking towards Joseph Rodgers and Sons, Sheaf Island Works and F.J.Brindley and Sons, hammer manufacturer, with the slums of the Park District in the background

Year Knife, 1957 blade being added, by Mr. Stan Holmes, Manager of Penknife Dept., Joseph Rodgers and Sons Ltd.

The 'Norfolk Knife' on exhibition at the 'Sheffield On Its Mettle' Exhibition

Packing pen-knives for export, Joseph Rodgers and Sons Ltd.

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Former house and workshop of John Rodgers (later bacame the cutlery firm of Joseph Rodgers) Hawley Croft demolished 1907

Bank Buildings, Norfolk Street, at corner of George Street, (also known as Rodgers' House, when occupied by Jos. Rodgers and Son), Nether Congregational Chapel in background