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Olivia Brock

Olivia Brock

welcomes you to her preferences, jealous ambitions, and dreams deferred.

Paleo coconut macaroons. | 15 Unique Easter Recipes That Are Actually A Breeze To Prepare

Jacquard-weave dress made from Tencel® lyocell and recycled polyamide. #HMConsciousExclusive #SustainableFashion

Sustainability think tank Ever Manifesto in our #HMConsciousExclusive collection. #SustainableFashion

#SELFIE by Andreea Diaconu at the shoot of #HMTheNewIcons #AndreeaDiaconu

Behind the scenes! Andreea Diacony getting ready for the shoot. #HMTheNewIcons #Andreea Diacony

Sui He in her favourite piece from the collection! #HMTheNewIcons #SuiHe #HMFavourite

Nadja Bender wears the jumpsuit, which is her favourite piece in the collection. #HMTheNewIcons #NadjaBender #HMFavourite

Opal Mint green sea foam Crystal stud Petite vintage earring

The Pepper Jumper #coachella

Monaco blue & white.

Bathing paradise

Absolutely gorgeous! Wedding Dresses by Julie Vino Fall 2014

This is so cool! These canisters measure the exact amount of flour, sugar, etc. by the turn of the lever. The amount you need falls into the tray below!

Get away from me creeps!!

your struggles have helped shape you. define you--even fucking refine you. they are a part of you. embedded in you--trust your struggle, trust yourself.

Ink stripes...I was told that each ring represents a person who had passed that she cared immensely for. It's simple, meaningful, tasteful and beautiful. All the things I love in a tattoo.