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Who's the Best Catwoman?

Which Catwoman is the cat's meow? We rank the Batman beauties from hot to not.

Lee Meriwether. Julie Newmar was unable to play Catwoman in the 1966 big-screen version of the Batman TV show due to other commitments, so Lee Meriwether slipped into the skin-tight catsuit to claw at the caped crusaders alongside such supervillains as The Joker, Riddler and Penguin. While her performance was perfunctory, and her Russian alter-ego Miss Kitka seemed like a sexed-up Rosa Klebb, her sex appeal as Catwoman in a stolen submarine was all wet.

Halle Berry. She followed-up her Oscar win for Monster's Ball with a much-maligned turn as the Batman villain -- minus Batman -- in 2004's Catwoman, positioned as an anti-hero going up against a cosmetics company baddie (played by Sharon Stone). Berry's cut-rate costume design is more "sexy S Halloween" than cool, big-budget franchise starter, and while her performance is admirable, the campy material she's given is just sad – and earned her a Razzie award.

Anne Hathaway. Her Selina Kyle/Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises is a return to form after Michelle Pfeiffer's scene-chewing performance redefined the character in 1992. Complete with skin-tight, Emma Peel-style catsuit and high-tech goggles that flip up to look like cat ears, Hathaway's clearly got sex appeal, but given her largely vanilla roles, it remains to be seen if she deserves to move to the top of the charts as the best Catwoman yet.

Julie Newmar. The first Catwoman in the '60s Batman TV series, Julie Newmar embodied every buttoned-up businessman's private S fantasies with her classic cheekbone beauty and skin-tight sparkly lycra catsuit, which Newmar reportedly designed herself. Sexy, devious and devilish, her Catwoman made Adam West's Batman nervous, flirty and fidgety.

Eartha Kitt. With original Catwoman Julie Newmar unavailable to return to the '60s Batman TV series, a feisty Eartha Kitt was cast in the role for the third season, and boy, could she hiss and purr. Literally. She'd roll her r's almost every other line, bat men around with her sharp claws -- and then verbally pounce in that incredibly tight catsuit. Meow!

Michelle Pfeiffer. Tim Burton's 1992 Batman Returns redefined the campy Catwoman for the '90s, moving the costume from sparkly lycra catsuit of the '60s Batman TV show to an edgier, Burton-y stitched latex suit that made Michael Keaton's Bruce Wayne especially hot under the cowl. Plus, the catty and overtly sexual Pfeiffer knew how to handle her whip, and she even recently offered to give "whipping lessons" to the next Catwoman in line. Rrrowr!