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Classroom Library Organization-book scanner app. creates a database of your books. --- NO WAY!!

Confessions of a Teaching Junkie - Write on/Wipe off Objective displays using frames with construction paper behind the glass. Cute AND functional! :)

Stop what you’re doing. Walk over and hand this to a child instead of yelling across the classroom.

For my teacher friends - A whole bunch of stores with teacher discounts- some I didn't know about

For my teacher friends: Don't just pin...WATCH. Within 30 seconds I had a new attention grabber and learned so many more teacher tricks...LOVE THIS!!! **This lady is amazing! I just watched all her youtube videos!**

Tattle Monster! Put the tattle in the box instead of telling the teacher.

a fun way to get your kids to stop chatting.... check out the link for a cute video and little tricks on how to use it for classroom management!

Students could write/draw examples of bullying and put in in the trash can.

Thursday, January 5, 2012"Is your class always this loud?" I don't know how many times I have heard this from substitute and special area teachers, but it has definitely been too many! And I am determined to win this battle! So, where do you go when you need ideas? Pinterest, of course! I made up some "Quiet Spray!" You spray the ROOM to signal children to get quiet. Or you can just leave the bottle empty. Mine love the mist in the air.

I am a BIG fan of Love & Logic: Change the wording of what you ask the kids to do and become more effective. This is true of working with adults as well.. It's all perspective. Change accusatory you statements, into action-packed I-statements and foster results

What a pediatric occupational therapist wants teachers to know. This first installment of a six part series focuses on why children often struggle to sit still and how you can help solve the problem.