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I hate it when words show up in this order....more succinctly, I think the hallmark of our species is our ability to lie to ourselves. Christ, we tell ourselves some complete bull shit.

I'm afraid of shark attacks and heights. Oh, and forgetting to hang the food in the tree while camping and getting attacked by a bear. That's probably not gonna set me free, is it?

Unless it's some kind of stalker or really unattractive person or they have a drinking problem. It's actually not so hard to assess their diamond-ness. Trust your gut.

...And still getting your ass kicked.

Hell yeah. Words of inspiration from large corporations. This is the absolute bottom.

There's something wrong with this logic. Namely that this event has never happened to anyone. Now, it could be phrased "What if you woke up tomorrow with only the things you kept in waterproof containers". You'd have something there.