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Denise "Vanity" Matthews

Pictures of Denise Katrina Matthews formerly known as Vanity from The Last Dragon, Vanity 6, Action Jackson, Playboy, & more...

Raqi Thunda is not Vanity's Daughter- but she does look like her & would like to play her The Last Dragon Remake | The Last Dragon Tribute Blog www.thelastdragon...

Vanity The Last Dragon Promo Shirt

Vanity Bikini Scene "Never Too Young to Die"

Carl Weathers and Denise Matthews (Vanity) in Action Jackson Action Jackson is a 1988 action film directed by Craig R. Baxley.

Vanity aka Denise Matthews. Looks like a pic from the 90s

Denise Matthews aka Vanity at The Last Dragon premiere 1985

Who would have loved to hear these words from Vanity in the 80's? www.thelastdragon... #thelastdragon #denisematthews | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

"I thought that maybe it would be a great idea if i got myself a bodyguard…ya ‘know? like someone to guard my body…. What girl could do worse than have her own real life kung fu master?" ~Laura Charles #DeniseMatthews #TheLastDragon #LauraCharles #BruceLeroy #Taimak

The Lip Bite by Denise Matthews. The move that made her the 1st #crush of #80s boys everywhere. #vanity #denisematthews #thelastdragon #flirt #flirty #sexy #smile #teachmesomemoves #1985 tribute/vanity--denise-katrina-matthews

Denise "Vanity" Matthews

Absolutely beautiful pic of Vanity. #80s

cute pic of Denise "Vanity" Matthews

1985 article "I Really owe Prince Everything" #DeniseMatthews

Denise "Vanity" Matthews in "Never too young to die" 1986

Denise "Vanity" Matthews 1988 cover of Playboy

1985 newspaper article about Vanity shedding nasty girl image for him film debut in The Last Dragon