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Laura Freed

Laura Freed

The only thing I take seriously is my freedom & the Constitution. Lover of Mad Men, hockey & quirky food. Living life with a Hell Yes! attitude.

Eagles. (NOOOOO!)

Obama Scandal Bracket 2014

All taxpayers should be able now to say to IRS: I plead the 5th! Yeah! 3-9-14

Constitution big government big regulations.

In the 2010 book Game Change, the authors described how Hillary's campaign was trying to hide the fact that Bill was having a sustained affair with another woman in 2008. The book did not name the woman. This is the same book in which outed Harry Reid's racist comments for which he had to publicly apologize.

Debo Adegbile, race baiter, putting politics over police.

This is probably what I looked like the first time I went... Hahahaha

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Funny Pictures Of The Day – 92 Pics

‘They Died For Nothing?’: Marcus Luttrell Hits Back at CNN Host In Tense Interview Jake Tapper disrespects Marcus Luttrell and those who lost their lives.

Yes in indeed, we found her!

Liberals Go Hysterical Over List of 252 Examples of Obama's Lying, Corruption, and Cronyism

The Democratic 1868 presidential ticket.

Re-Distribution of wealth -- and why is it ok for Beyonce to not share HER wealth?