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Laura Freed

Laura Freed

The only thing I take seriously is my freedom and bacon. Lover of sparkly things, quirky food, and people with a Hell Yes! Attitude.

Sanford Rubenstein, civil rights lawyer and Al Sharpton's henchman, was accused of raping a National Awareness Network (Sharpton's troll group) employee. The main stream media (Obama's Publicity Network) remain silent - imagine if a Conservative man was accused of this crime!

Cranberry Bliss Bars {Starbucks Copycat Recipe} - They taste just like the real thing & you can make them at home, year-round! Think of all the $ you'll save. Spot-on & easy!

Poem from 1949 - warning about the Welfare State.

Leo DiCaprio marched in Climate Change parade then jetted back to his yacht. Total hypocrite.

Obama - ignorant and ineffective.

cinnamon sugar crusted coffee cake muffins


Can you stand the truth?!!

Question everything. Fear is the tool of control.

Beau Taplin || Unstoppable

Finally, Hollywood gets it right!

I never trust words ... Sometimes question actions ... But I NEVER doubt patterns ...

Self-Discipline_thumb1.jpg (580×480)

Democrats teach people to be victims.

"I don't negotiate with terrorists! I give them whatever they want." -- You Know Who