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Taurus Tattoo

because who doesn't have a cliche zodiac tattoo???

El Toro de Hierro Postcard by SteveBrownleeArt


Bull Tattoo with tribal patterns

Bull tattoo art with tribal patterns

  • Alissa Hilbert

    Expression and movement are great. Don't like the horns as well as others.

Tribal bull tattoo design (all black)

Tribal bull tattoo design

  • Alissa Hilbert

    This is cool, feel like it gets a little messy/confusing around the horns and feet. Lose the weird barbed wire bit

  • Lissa Morris

    I really like the head of this! How it's face was done is WIN!

Stylized Taurus tattoo design by Melanie Paquin

toro tribal tattoo design by Hudson Assis

Taurus Glare tattoo design by Ivan Keel

apis tattoo design by Alex Diaconu

  • Lissa Morris

    Oooo I am really partial to this one. It's simple but not the traditional kind.

Taurus Bull Tattoo Tattoos

Taurus Bull Tattoo Tattoos