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CREATIVE WAYS TO GARNISH A COCKTAIL or MARTINI! GOODBYE to the boring twist of lemon or drab cherry & olive - HELLO to sugared edible flowers, candy flowers, edible gold & silver! Be sure to read my article on "How to Garnish Cocktails Creatively":

HOW CUTE for a Popsicle Inspired Martini Garnish!! Toothpicks pushed into MIke & Ike candy!

Sweeten Up Your Cocktail - Fun Candy Garnish Idea! Perfect with anything licorice flavored!

Shape Up Your Veggie Cocktail Garnishes! Definitely doing this on my next savory martini!

Put a little Carmen Miranda on your cocktail rim! FUN Garnish idea!

Twist Your Citrus, Cut your cucumber, sparkle your bubbly... LOVE these COCKTAIL GARNISH Ideas!

Chocolate Covered Drunken Cherries - how great would these be as a garnish for my Chocolate Covered Cherry Martini>

SUGAR DAISIES - How cute would this be on a Martini or Cocktail?

SUGAR PANSIES - A colorful & impressive garnish for your Cocktail or Martini.

SUGAR LILYS - Made from sugar, another lovely way to put some Spring in your Martini or Cocktail.

EDIBLE SILVER LEAF - A great way to put the Glitter in your Happy Hour Drinks!

EDIBLE GOLD LEAF FLAKES to put some sparkle in your Martinis/Cocktails!

WILD HIBISCUS FLOWERS - comes in a hibiscus or rose syrup you can use instead of simple syrup too!

CANDIED ROSE PETALS - Another great idea for a Martini/Cocktail Garnish! Pair w/ rose infusions!

SUGARED VIOLAS - Beautiful & Sweet garnish idea for your pretty martinis!

EDIBLE FLOWERS make unique & beautiful cocktail garnishes! Candied Violets:

EDIBLE GOLD LEAF - Just a few small flakes floating on your martini can turn a humdrum cocktail into a Cocktail Sensation

My article on how to GARNISH A MARTINI (or any cocktail) with Flair! Just click the image for the tips! Cheers!

Some of my tips & tricks for rimming a cocktail glass with creativity. Click the image for the article!

Carrot Cake Truffles! I'm going to make these as a cool garnish for my Carrot Cake Martini: