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When I travel to Orlando, I'm thankful for...

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When @Cindy Gutierrez travels to Orlando, she's thankful for this wonderful tram that carries tired feet, worn out kiddos and amazing memories back to the car! @Undercover Tourist agrees! Our froggy feet get tired! #UndercoverTouristPinterestGiveaway

When @Mylene Finlay travels to Orlando, she's thankful for the @Undercover Tourist apps to help her find her way. I think I look ravishing in this photo. ;) ~Mommy Frog #UndercoverTouristPinterestGiveaway

When @froggy 1001 travels to Orlando, she says she's thankful for...."the castle...need I say more?" :) #UndercoverTouristPinterestGiveaway

Last-Minute Tips for a Magical Disney World Summer Vacation
  • froggy 1001

    :) That happens to be my favorite viewing spot of the castle too.

@Kelly Honea is thankful that there's never a time when she thinks, "hmmm...maybe it's getting old [the theme parks]." When you travel to Orlando, what are you thankful for? #UndercoverTouristPinterestGiveaway

When @Gina Winnette travels to Orlando, she is thankful for the wonderment in her children's eyes when they arrive. #UndercoverTouristPinterestGiveaway

"When I travel to Orlando, I'm thankful for the chance to re-live my childhood!" says @Lauren Dorris We love this quote that she added from Walt: "That's the real trouble with the world, too many people grow up." #UndercoverTouristPinterestGivaway

When @Debbie Moss travels to Orlando, she's thankful for, "Planning a multi-generational Disney trip..." She was fortunate enough to experience her grandkids' first trip to Disney. Very magical! #UndercoverTouristPinterestGiveaway

Does anyone else feel this way? "I'm thankful to have a place we can go and wear matching homemade shirts and not feel weird or out of place!" - @Stephanie #UndercoverTouristPinterestGiveaway

Disney Dreaming: Do you do matching shirts????