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Miracle diet apps weight loss secrets revealed: Eat less, exercise more - San Jose Mercury News

Microsoft unveiled its upcoming Windows Phone 8 software on Wednesday.

Microsoft unveils its Surface tablet, with a kickstand and a keyboard.

Get a peek into the Fremont factory where Tesla is building their upcoming Model S all-electric car.

Apple announces upgrades to its OS, laptop line at Worldwide Developer's Conference.

Aliens, zombies and blowing things up were the order of the day Wednesday at the E3 video game conference.

At E3 on Tuesday, Nintendo unveils games for the upcoming Wii U touchscreen console.

Monday's E3 highlights included sneak peeks at Zombie U and Halo 4, plus Xbox SmartGlass and appearances by Joe Montana, Flo Rida and Usher.

Apple's iPad -- so easy, even an orangutan can use it. No, really...

Samsing's new smartphone, the Galaxy S III, has a bigger screen than Apple's iPhone, and is lighter and thinner. Does that make you want to buy one?

UC Berkeley student's 'ridiculously automated' dorm room turns drab to party central. But will the university shut it down?

Do you ever read the Terms of Service on mobile apps?

Apple sold more than 3 million iPads in three days.

Pinterest: The Digital answer to cork bulletin boards. Hey, but if you already knew that!

It's fun to Pin a story here about Pinterest, the hottest social network in the valley.

Doing business in China is no longer cheap for Silicon Valley tech companies

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