Dancing Raisins~ A science experiment for any age {Science Invitation Saturday}

Dancing Raisins Science Experiment
  • Rosemary Teague

    You can do the same experiment with popcorn and club soda. The carbonated gas in the club soda will make the popcorn rise and fall . Great experiment for teaching about matter.

Earth and Space Science: How to Make a Solar System Bracelet. This looks AWESOME!

How to Make a Solar System Bracelet

Explore: Preschool Science Investigation_How Does Water Reacts on Various Surfaces

A hands-on science demonstration (and sensory tub idea) to learn what blood is made of!

Here's a great model for studying the phases of the moon. Can you imagine what you'll see when you put your head through the hole?

1 1/4 cups dirt, 1 1/4 cups flour, 3/4 cups of salt, 1/2 cup if sand. mix dry ingredients start adding water slowly until it holds form, form around critters of your choice let dry in the sun and let the kids enjoy discovering whats inside!!!!

DIY: Dinosaur Fossils

Growing a STEM Classroom: Make your Science Pop with Pop Rocks!

Growing a STEM Classroom: Make your Science Pop with Pop Rocks!

KoolAid ices cubes in sprite. The drink changes flavor as the ice melts!

Magic Potion - Mrs Happy Homemaker

Make a pizza box solar oven—and 100 other summer activities.

101 MORE Ways to Embrace Summer

Create a model of Ocean Zones (layers of the ocean) using a jar and several household ingredients!

Make Your Own Ocean Zones in a Jar - I Can Teach My Child!

Fun science when learning about the ocean. I want to try this!!!!!

Homemade plastic jellyfish…

Life cycle of a butterfly book

Bookmaking With Kids » Life-Cycle Books

More than 50 science activities for kids

50+ Science Activities for Kids: Kid's Co-op ~ Reading Confetti

mix 2 Tbsp warm water with 1 tsp yeast for 1 minute. in bottle, mix 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide (6%), food coloring, and a squirt of dish soap. place bottle on cookie sheet to catch foam! add yeast mix to bottle and be amazed!

Experiments - Housing a Forest

Slow moving slime. Simple ingredients. Simple to make.

Science- Slime Baskets

How to make it Cut the top from a clear 2-liter soda bottle. Find a flowerpot that fits inside the dome. Fill the pot with potting soil, then plant the seeds according to the packet directions. Place the pot on a saucer and poke in a craft stick marker. Slip the dome over the pot. Be sure to water the soil when it looks dry.

Spring in a Bottle Craft | Spoonful

How to grow a pineapple at home, then make Pineapple Salsa

How to grow a pineapple at home, then make Pineapple Salsa

How to Make a Solar System Bracelet

How to Make a Solar System Bracelet

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