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Tops I Love

23 Pins

Tops I Love

  • 23 Pins

Modcloth. Mmmm...comfy.

  • Donna Wood

    LOL....I have this top! I picked it up at a little boutique in Blue Ridge, GA. It's awesome and so incredibly comfortable :-)

Hosting for the Weekend Tunic in Merlot - Modcloth. Purty color.

Book Blurb Top - Modcloth. I wanna wear bright orange earrings with this!

Bright Bryce Canyon Top from Modcloth. Me likey.

  • Dana Eastburn

    Are you sewing too? I've taught myself the basics & just got my material to make some shirts.

Gingham top from Modcloth. Country Cute!

Hosting for the Weekend Tunic from Modcloth. Cute with skinny jeans, flats, and gold jewelry!

  • Debbie Reader

    Got it, and before I even read your description above that is how I wore it! Looking good!

Ohhh, if only I had the arms!

Garnet Hill - Original Clothing, Bedding and Home Decor
  • Nancy Savory

    amen Stephanie and lawna

  • Jenny Jones

    I'm a personal trainer and could be yours with food payments! Would be the best payment ever! : )

  • Suzie Silvia

    Solved the problem with short crocheted jackets-perfect!!

  • Dana Ross

    Me too! Mine are too muscular and would not look feminine in these, but I wish as they are purty!

  • Kathy Griffith

    seems garnet hill doesn't carry anything above a size 14, hmmm, darn.

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I must be a gypsy at heart, because my whole life's happiness is right here in this top.

Free People Embellished Mimi Tunic

Free People Maheya Indigo Print Tunic. Of course, I'd likely wear pants with it.

Free People Maheya Indigo Print Tunic

Mmm. I love this. Skinny jeans, brown beat-up boots, big chunky bracelet, amen.

flourish design + style: fab finds, DEALUXE

My favorite color right now.

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With black leggings? And turquoise cowboy boots? And hair in a messy braid? Yep.

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This makes my soul sing. I'd wear with jeans, cork wedges, bright blue jewelry.

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If I had a waist, I'd wear this with skinny jeans, black wedges, and big gold earrings.

  • Wendy Advocate

    I agree with you Megan. Ree'sPioneer tops

  • Incognito Teacher

    I have this. It isn't nearly as cute in person.

  • Leatrice Gulbransen

    please ladies... lets get ree to make an affordable line of her own! i am desperate to look like a female again! anybody help?

  • Hailee Bailey

    That is gorgeous!

  • Dana Feiock

    I wish Ree would start a clothing line of tops and tunics. I think she always looks so nice. It is definitely something I would buy!

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Shivali Dolman Top - Anthropologie. So cute, it should be illegal.

Shivali Dolman -
  • Patti Gipson

    Love this top! Saw you wearing it on your cooking show! (By the way, I love your FN cooking show) :)

  • Jane Pilcher

    I love this print. So pretty and feminine.

  • gloria candler


  • ✨natalia✨

    I love youre cooking me and my my always look forward to it everyday!

  • Sarah Rickard

    Literally just saw the episode of you in this. I was struck by a sudden "Awr man, i love her wardrobe. I wonder if there is a Ree Drummond clothes board on Pinterest- and the lady herself has one! Yeah, kitten! :-D

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Antique Fair Tunic | Modcloth. Very purty.

  • Donna Nance

    We have the same taste in tunic-wear! They cover up a multitude of sins, don't they?!

  • Shannon Riegle

    I love you dear P Dub but if we were BFF's I would tell you to consider branching out in the tops category. No need to cover up that great figure. I wish we could go on Oprah's tunic intervention!

  • Jenel W.

    Where was the top from that you were wearing for your Thanksgiving Dinner?

  • DeDe Long

    I feel just the opposite! The tunics are so you and I love your style, Ree; your tops, earrings, hair! You got it goin on. :)

  • Kim Burditt

    I love your style, and am looking for wear you get your tops. You always look classy, with a classic look. Your style is great, and I see you with your own clothing line. A great chef, designer, photographer, and writer.

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Green tunic from Modcloth. This is my new favorite color to wear. I'd throw this on with skinny white jeans (if I had any), high cork wedges, and some chunky orange earrings. Amen.

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Three Tiered Floral Silk Blouse. I'd wear it with jeans, colorful cowboy boots, and my hair in a messy braid as I gathered daisies from the field. Just kidding about the daisies.

Elizabeth's Embellishments
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Kelwa Dress - Anthropologie. Another dress I'd wear as a tunic with my (standby) skinny jeans and big coral earrings. Yum.

Kelwa Dress -
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Enchanted Button Back Dress from Anthropologie. I'd wear it as a tunic with skinny jeans and jade-colored dangle earrings.

Enchanted Button Back Dress
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If I had good arms, I'd wear this with skinny jeans and vintage cowboy boots.

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Johnny Was.

  • Donna Walk

    I love your style of dress. You always look neat and put together without being fussy. I'm going on a shopping tour to buy some tunics. Hope they'll be as nice as yours.

  • Diane Lengyel

    sorry Ree but I have to agree-these are for the rich.Us middle,slowing lowering,class can't afford these.But they sure are pretty.

  • Denise Bolin

    These prices are crazy

  • Cathlen Ross

    I kind of love Johnny was. For sure not anything I can purchase. A girl can dream.

  • susie anderson

    Ree, I too love your style of dress. Please post other websites you shop at. Please!

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Johnny Was, of course.

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