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....................HEY! I shoulda said---

I've lost count of the number of words I've mispronounced. Surely I get some points for using them correctly though...

  • Tori Cochran

    I always say grey. I seriously think I should have been born in Britain.

  • Nightly Romanoff

    I say gray, and yet I use a lot of British terms/phrases :)

  • LdyDrgnss

    There are a number of words that I am never truly sure I have ever pronounced correctly. Unfortunately, I don't have many that can tell me which words are wrong. And I, too, use a bit of British slang/speech that just generally confuse everyone. Don't get me started on what is the correct spelling....

  • Jessica Frantz

    No wonder it's hard for foreign people to speak English it's hard for us to speak it properly

  • Sean Whipple

    I had to sit for a whole minute on my AP exam because I just kept looking at the word grey/gray wondering how the hell do you spell it

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