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IBM Impact Conference

Pin your photos and videos and other moments from the #IBMImpact conference. Ask me to join this board and pin your stuff.

Beyond Agile -- 5 Secrets to Building Engaging Customer Apps, via YouTube. This webcast features Tim O'Reilly, Grady Booch, Angela Chang and Jerry Cuomo. Register for #ibmimpact 2013 to meet these speakers and talk shop at the Developer Unconference. Find out more at

IBM PureSystems Family Tour with Jason McGee, from #IBMImpact 2012 introduction keynote

#ibmimpact hot topic: IBMer Kramer Reeves on BPM and ODM, via YouTube.

#IBMImpact 2013: Opportunities come to businesses in motion. [brief edition], via YouTube.

Did you know Impact is the largest BPM conference in the world? Do you understand how IT, marketing and business mix together at scale? Do you look at

ビジネスに変革をもたらす次世代IT基盤を論ずる - CIO Online Special - #IBMImpact

Dr. Peter Heffernan, CEO of the Marine Institute of Ireland, is most certainly passionate about what he does, relentlessly curious, and is helping his country think different about the importance of understanding the ocean. IBM is a partner is their SmartBay project. Did you know that 90% of Ireland's real estate lies below the Atlantic Ocean? Favorite quote: "Drinking water is stored in the ocean and lent to the land and we benefit from it." (from #ibmimpact conference)

Watch the IBM PureSystems session, called The New Era of Computing, on #IBMImpact TV. There are replays of keynotes, interviews, etc., from the conference.

#ibmimpact 2012 conference Foursquare specials and mayorships promotion buttons - designed by Maxx Anderson and Ryan Boyles