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Purple hoop earrings in lavender Japanese chirimen by NaniDesuKa12, $14.00

Get white, bright, and spectacular smile with Therabrite Toothpaste by TheraBreath and Dr. Katz

Stop bad breath from the throat and tonsils with AktivOxigen Tablets 12-tablets (+2 bottles) by TheraBreath and Dr. Katz

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Sensitive Teeth Treatment Pen and Gel by TheraBreath by TheraBreath and Dr. Katz

Teeth Whitening Pen 2 Pack by TheraBreath - Whiten Teeth at Home by TheraBreath and Dr. Katz

Professional Teeth Whitening Kit by TheraBreath by TheraBreath and Dr. Katz

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TheraBreath Fresh Breath Throat Spray

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easy to carry, works great!

Mentha Lip Shine by C.O. Bigelow. No reason your lips shouldn't be minty fresh too!

TheraBreath Chewing Gum (100pc Bottle) by TheraBreath and Dr. Katz

A great dental tool to use at home. Not only blasts tartar on the teeth away but can help to remove tonsil stones.

Dry mouth? This is the perfect mint (lozenge) to stimulate saliva production. Sugar free and has a great mandarin mint flavor.

Unlike gums packed full of sugar, TheraBreath gum uses the benefical ingredient xylitol to naturally sweeten this perfect on-the-go solution to maintain fresh breath when brushing isn't possible.

Using beneficial bacteria to repopulate your oral cavity's colonies can lead to an added resistance to: bad breath, ear infections, tonsil stones, sore throat, cavities and more. All natural and safe.

TheraBreath Multi-Symptom ProBiotics

America’s best kept Fresh Breath Secret starts in your NOSE! TheraBreath Nasal Sinus drops relieve the symptoms of pollen allergies WITHOUT zinc or habit forming prescription medications. All natural oxygenating compounds PLUS natural antimicrobials safely open up nasal passageways, cut down on mucus production – and best of all, keep your breath fresh (because they prevent the bacteria from converting mucus proteins into smelly Volatile Sulfur Compounds).

Therabreath Plus Nasal-Sinus Drops

Our four legged friends shouldn't have to suffer from bad breath either (and we shouldn't have to smell it!). This tasteless, harmless solution is simply added to your pet's water and it works!