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Red Creeping Thyme. grows 3 inches tall max so very neat--no mowing needed ever. beautiful fresh lemony scent. gorgeous with lavender. perennial. repels mosquitoes. can grow as entire lawn.

STEPABLES.COM - Plants that tolerate foot traffic

How to make your own rabbit repellent - frugal, DIY treatment

How to Make Rabbit Repellent - A Frugal & Organic Solution

Square Foot Gardening: plant spacing

Life as a Healthcare CIO: Square Foot Gardening

Growing fodder (sprouted barley) for animal feed. Cuts your spending on feed in half (at least)!

Growing fodder for the homestead

Final touch for my roosting bars....Cool Coops: Solar Powered and Full of Gadgets! -- Community Chickens

Potato Farming, Take Three: Would they grow this time?

Potato Farming, Take Three - Brown Thumb Mama

What you need to know to get started with backyard chickens

Snake - Chicken Predators - How To Protect Your Chickens From Snakes

I can't believe I just pinned something titled "poop hammock." Clean keeping of the coop - the poop hammock

The Poop Hammock - Keeping Your Coop Clean -- Community Chickens

Got a bouquet of roses you really loved? You can keep on enjoying them, by cutting the stem, inserting them in a potato and planting them!

70+ Homestead Hacks - SHTF Preparedness

70+ Homestead Hacks - SHTF Preparedness

Basic 3-Year Trench Composting Cycle | From University of Illinois Extension

Reasons to sow it instead of mow it. ALSO: because of how few vegetables we eat and how much grain, etc, each American would require almost AN ACRE AND A HALF cultivated just for them (not possible for most of us to maintain ourselves). With homesteading, one person can feasibly produce food for a year in .2 (1/5) an acre or less. Think about the gas used to ship your food to you...any way you can reduce that is great. How's your backyard for local?

Build This Cozy Cabin For Under $4000:: would so love to have this cabin.

Build This Cozy Cabin For Under $4000

Soaker Hose Irrigation Kit

How to Set Up a Rainwater Irrigation System for Your Garden

Marigolds in the Vegetable Garden? Yes! Learn why you should add these pretty annuals to your vegetable bed!

Pet Scribbles: Plant Marigolds in the Vegetable Garden!

ideas for an effortless & beautiful garden you can cut from | nearly maintenance free

Maintenance Free Garden Ideas