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Cute pic if second baby is on way. (14 Creative Family Portraits Ideas. )

14 Creative Family Portraits Ideas –

Things to include in a Sick Bucket: Awesome idea to be prepared! Especially when you have more than one kiddo!

My Kids are Sick - Survival Tips - Kids Activities Blog

CineMama is an app that documents your entire pregnancy then creates a fun movie of all the belly pictures! I have to remember this for when the time comes :)

19 things no one told you about having baby number 2. These are SPOT ON and some of them made me laugh out loud. Everyone with 2 or more kids must read!

Santa is a controversial jolly old elf these days. Here is a list of the pros and cons to letting your family believe. Our baby boy was 2 months old....

10 Things to teach your Sons about Girls-wonderful Godly advise. Must remember this!!!

Several ideas for recording the stages of a child’s life.  I think they’re really cool and easily adaptable to other events in life, such as travel, sports, rehearsals or a new pet.10 Tips For Photographing Your Baby, encourages new mothers to plan ahead and take a monthly picture, putting text into the picture of the changes that month.

Yuca from B By White

Babies biologically should NOT sleep through the night! Not only is the deep sleep required to sleep through the night actually a recognized factor in SIDS, but babies who sleep through the night are also not nursing to stimulate breastmilk production, thus their mother’s milk begins to dry up. Clearly, that’s not a healthy biological design. Here is a picture of what this vicious cycle can look like...