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Before and After

For those of us that have often wondered how the stars maintain their great image - we now know... A makeup artist, lighting, a stylist, and photo shop. We should learn to be happy with who we are and embrace all of our differences because they make each of us unique

Before and After--Catherine, Duchess Of Cambridge

This budget friendly exterior makeover really enhanced the character of the home. Wow!

Carriage House Doors on a Bungalow Before: Next to classic tapering porch columns supported by brick tiers, the unadorned garage door on this new bungalow looked like an afterthought. After: New insulated-steel double garage doors emulate the home's facade. The windows' gentle arch mirrors the upper-level windows of the home, while the hardware sports the hand-forged look indicative of Arts and Crafts style

18 Budget Kitchens Makeover Ideas

18 Budget Kitchen Makeover Ideas - Decorchick! ®

Dining Room | Before & After | DIY | Neutral | Tan | White | Remodel | www.somethingneut...

Dining Room | Before & After | DIY