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Well, to be fair Dr. Higgs doesn't have a weekly porthole into our living rooms like Robertson. There has never been a time in society where humans didn't seek entertainment and diversion from the roughness of their lives. Life hurts, and stuff like Duck Dynasty makes it gentler. Dr. Higgs rocks and we're grateful men like him exist...but not knowning/understanding him doesn't make me a blight on society. (And there's like...30 people on earth that actually understand Higgs-Boson anyway.)

  • Francesca Thomas

    Is it ok if I dont know who either man is? At least not before this week, I didnt. I dont watch TV at all.

  • Steven Sharp

    x facepalm x I knew who higgs was but ive never seen that guy on tv

Ehh...cite your source, friend. I lost my faith and it did not result in a photoshoot for shampoo. I wish it had.

Well...that's a good point, but I think I know what the rebuttal would be. First, some dogs are born to show their ribs a little (Greyhounds, Whippets, and Italian Greyhounds) as some humans are. Second, in modern humans, thinness is a sign of restraint, of mentally choosing not to eat. That is part of the attraction. In animals, who do not thrive if they exercise restrain with food, it means food has been withheld by something.

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Nah. I get the feminist message they're going for, but if you actually have leadership skills, you don't HAVE to be bossy.

Ok, this offends feminists. But I think a huge part of that is the language. If it were just "A strong woman can do it all by herself, but a man who loves her will want to help her anyway," then no one would be upset. I think that is the sentiment the phrase is going's that damn word "real" that is so smug and frustrating.

  • Amanda

    It's also the idea that said real man has the power to prevent real woman from doing whatever it is herself. Maybe she's in the car because doofus wouldn't even let her read without assistance?

  • Therese Oneill

    HA! I didn't even think about the picture...she sure as hell can read by herself, Lancelot. At least give her that.

It's not just social conditioning. There are literal millions of little boys raised in homes with easy access to dolls (their sister's), and parents who don't freak out over it or even encourage it...and the boys just aren't that interested. My home situation is one of them. Real men don't make FUN of boys who play with dolls, is more accurate.

I think this falls apart at the last line. There are endless reasons to choose modest dress, any damn reason you want, really. But the smugness in this...that a shrouded body is the only sort than can be dignified...I don't agree. Think Hepburn (either one) striking a pose in a form-fitting silk dress. Think Olympians tearing across a track with only their butts and boobs covered. Think Jodi Foster's bare breasts shown in a role she gets an Oscar for. Dignity is not entirely clothing related.

I support abortion. But this argument isn't sound. In all the other examples a person's body has been injured, the hospital repairs it. In the last example no one is injured (physically, which is what hospitals deal with). There is no wound to repair to prevent the patient from dying.

MY definition of "slut" isn't a pejorative, but it's not this, either. Slut is someone who doesn't attach emotion to sexual encounters. Sex with different people IS is Disneyland. Go there everyday and it isn't a very valuable experience anymore. Still, I consider sluttism more of a lifestyle choice, not so much a failing. We all have coping mechanisms.

"Said is Dead"...seriously? Pick up all the classics, all your favorites written by skilled, entertaining writers, and count many times they vary from "said" and "asked." Now grab a handful of Harlequin romances and you will see every word on this list. It's not fair, but there it is.

This is inflammatory font, I know, but I have not understood this question. I would love to have it explained to me.

  • Liz Miller

    it's not actually the laws that are racist. it's that the results of said laws do not weigh equally across race. And yet we keep them in place (in fact those laws which are called 'racist' are often put in place specifically to affect exactly the inequitable results that they reap.)

  • Therese Oneill

    I wish your brain was more accessible to average people. That totally didn't explain why producing ID to prove you're a citizen of the country your voting it is wrong. Hell sometimes I think there should be a short test before you go in to prove you have at least SOME idea of what you're voting on. But that would be...all sorts of trouble.

  • Liz Miller

    im sorry, i thought you wanted help with the question 'how can laws be 'racist'?' The problem with the ID issue is that to demand it does not have an equal effect across race. To demand it can disadvantage people because of money, distance, limited hours of operation of ID-granting offices. There are tons of reasons why getting an ID is difficult for some people. The problem is that the people for whom it's (for whatever reasons) difficult to acquire some form of ID are not representative of an equal cross section of our overall population. That means fundamentally that specific groups are put at a disadvantage in votes, and that inequity affects (not coincidentally) voting outcomes pretty significantly. It's a cousin move to the re-districting that goes on for the same reasons. However one votes, it seems we should all agree that voting should not disadvantage any person or group more than others. In this case it does unfortunately. It's not about proving you're a citizen. It's about preventing access, specifically targeting certain demographic groups.

"Babies stink like shit Adult Humor Greeting Card by SLANTEDmind, $5.99"....maybe, but only once a day, and only for a minute. The rest of the time? You've never smelled anything so warm and sweet.

I don't so much disagree as don't understand. There must be more to this. We had high tariffs and land taxes, and weren't there some state taxes? How DID all those roads and schools get paid for? It wasn't donations. Also you can't pine after gone days, which, btw, were not perfect.1913=no safeguards for the TRULY helpless (battered women, abused kids) and tough luck if you were black or female. And dirty drinking water, rats in the sausage and fake medicine. All stuff federally regulated now.

What Feminists Should Know About Birth Rape... I have a serious problem with co-opting the term "rape" for a doctor and medical team doing their jobs. Is the woman giving birth in complete control of the situation? Hell no. That's why you forge a relationship with a practitioner whose judgement you trust, and then you MUST allow him/her to take charge. You're under serious duress AND you're not an experienced medical professional. "RAPE" is disgustingly devalued by this application

  • Tammy .

    Therese, I believe this happened to me. I had no emotional support from any of the nurses or my was all so clinical and rushed. In the labor room I was given an enema without any explanation, I sat on the toilet in active labor going diarrhea and vomiting at the same time. My doctor was in a rush to get to the office so I was given pitocin My legs were thrown roughly into the stirrups, three cuts were made in my perineum in a "y" fashion and my little baby was forcibly taken from me with forceps. I had no idea what was going on step by step, no one explained anything to me, like I said it was all done like I was an animal or machine and they were just doing their jobs to rid me of my child.

  • Therese Oneill

    I am so sorry that happened to you. I've had two children, one with a kind supportive staff and one without, and I know what an enormous difference it makes. I really can't say how sorry I am that you were treated so terribly.

  • Jilliene Coffin

    Birth "rape" is not medical practitioners just "doing their jobs" though. Birth rape happens when medical practitioners exert unnecessary power and control over a vulnerable and unwilling patient without consent. It is one thing to hold a patient down for the patient's own benefit, it is quite another to treat them like an object and take advantage of them.

  • Crystal Hull

    Agreed, Jilliene.

So, this company, Living Waters sells these "12 wk old, preborn baby replicas." You can carry them around in your purse and show them to teenagers and anyone else who thinks abortion isn't murder. The thing is, the message is devalued by their sneakiness. That's not a fetal replica. 12wk old fetuses look like sea horses with encephalitis. That's a tiny full formed, full term baby, and it's sneaky, dishonest manipulation. Their message should stand without lying, if it's a good one.

  • Hannah Cefaratti

    And check snopes too

  • Molly Wolf

    They may not look entirely like seahorses but they do not look like the above either... I agree with you Therese

  • Hannah Cefaratti

    They look a lot more like the above than seahorses, apparently. The difference being the head is a bit bigger, the features less defined and the skin obviously more translucent. According to one this is more like a 14wk fetus, bc pro-lifers count gestational age from conception instead of last menstrual cycle. Do check more than one pic, and look at the 3 and 4 D images, and see if you still think this is so far off.

  • Therese Oneill

    Hannah, you know checking resources and researching is what I do for a living...I'm a little bummed you would think I didn't research this photo and many other photos before repinning it. I'm being flippant when I say seahorse of course, as you also know I tend to be. I'm not advocating abortion. I'm saying this doll is cute-ified and manipulative and that taints the message.

  • Hannah Cefaratti

    It's precisely bc I know you are so thorough that I was surprised by your remarks. You are more thorough than me by a ton, so i did a cursory search of my own, bc I thought you'd be right. But i DO think this is a reasonably accurate replica. Of course it's modified but so are drawings. And allowing for your usual snark seemed to still leave your remark way off. I sincerely did not mean to bum you.

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Belittling rape like that is offensive enough. But the comparison is so and poorly thought out and inaccurate it's doubly offensive.

  • Stacey T

    Yeah, bad bad analogy.

  • Leslie Egan

    Yup, I was scratching my head, trying to figure that shiznit out! Kinda scary how some people's minds interpret logic.

Raising you kids in your own religion is not brainwashing. Or, if it is, then so is raising them vegetarian or Democrat. How you're raised has nothing to do with the method of torture called "brainwashing." We all give our kids what we ourselves have. It's not a bad thing.

  • Elaine Murphy

    ...maybe instead of brainwashing, a better term would be brainmalnutrition?

  • Life Swimmer

    I like that - "Brainmalnutrition". Teach how to gather and judge information. Teach how to recognize propaganda - con games. How to respectfully enjoy dialog with people who think differently - refining what makes sense to you in the process. Teach that there is a lot more grey than there is black & White. How to be honest with yourself, and others.

  • Elaine Murphy

    At least it gives one a fair chance of making a decision about their own situation. Its hard enough to going through life figuring out what its meaning is, without people failing to give you all of the information available. We are so foolishly wrapped up in minute details about our manmade semantics and rituals that we are missing the big picture, i do believe there are bad people in the world who need to be dealt with appropriately but we all have more in common than not. I think religion is one of the obstacles to that, a way to seperate us from eachother and justify bad behavior. There appears to be more violent radical muslims than others but the christians were brutal once and so are others too.

  • Laura Wolfe

    Why is the assumption that if they are raised Christian they are raised not to think for themselves or to blindly accept that religion? My children are Christian based on their own discovery. Certainly I have them a start in the direction I thought they should go (as ALL parents do). But I told them to question everything also. The most closed minded people I know are not Christian, or even conservative....

  • Jennifer Hawkins

    Most people who are worried about you "brainwashing" your children are the one's who want to do it themselves.

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Saying that women have done nothing is, of course, a troll. A lame one, too. However, the list accomplished by men, I won't argue that men have done all those things. Because women took care of them. Because their mothers and wives met all their physical and emotional needs. Very few great men of history, if any, had to do their own laundry or cook their own food, much less do the messy business of reproducing and rearing. If they did, they wouldn't have had the time or energy for greatness.

  • Amanda

    Half the accomplishments there are in response to problems men created, too. So some fellow male blew up a subway, or captured people, or spread syphilis far and wide, and now you, productive male, have to clean that up.

"Gender is a social construct." No. They tried to prove it was in the 70's and 80's. Given the choice, the girls 95% of time wanted the dolls, boys the trucks. Now, there are exceptions to that. Some people are not comfortable in the sex they were born into. And those exceptions need to be supported and accepted by society. But I'd bet you every transgendered person in the world was dressed in stereotypical colors for their genders as baby, and it didn't make them favor that gender.

  • Therese Oneill

    You say that with such finality. I (respectfully) disagree. Society does matter but biology is strong. Does real life experience count for anything? (It should.) Two of many examples are my own children. My daughter I pushed toward gender-neutral toys because they were usually smarter and more creative; she was reaching past them for the pink crap before she could walk. Every cool toy my son was surrounded with was a pink girl toy, he wanted cars or rocks. Remember poor David Reimer, an excellent test of that theory? And when I went to find studies to support me, I found them in droves. I also found ones that supported you. So, even the people who've spent their lives trying to answer this don't agree, except to say nature and nuture both play a factor. I just happen to be on the side that thinks nature is stronger.

  • Therese Oneill

    I have no idea what you're talking about. But, I've never been called a trollop, and frankly it's rather exciting. Also we've followed each other's pins since I started on Pinterest...did you JUST realize I'm a stupid idiot? That makes you a bit slow yourself there, fella.

  • Molly Wolf

    We're idiots? Why because we question and discuss things? Interesting. I spoke with a man like you one on the phone. He called me a low down communist whore and then hung up "he was the idiot... Whites are clearly capitalist! Jeeze! Dude, if you don't like the pin, song xoent.

  • Molly Wolf

    Whores are clearly capitalist. If you don't like the pin, Don't comment. Auto correct kills me Every time

  • Chris Sanchez

    this comment was meant for a different pin

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Pete Santilli, Radio Host: Hillary Clinton Needs To Be 'Shot In The Vagina.' Actually I do NOT *respectfully* disagree. What an asshole. You don't illuminate your side of an argument by using stupid high school cruelty. But that's probably not his goal. He probably just wants to garner those thick, mean misogynistic laughs that have no thought behind them, only hurt and anger.

17th century French chastity belt. They say chastity belts were never really a thing. I don't know one way or the other. But I don't think this was one. Because being chaste doesn't mean you're not allowed to poop.

  • Emma Tidmore

    I just went to a museum exhibit on torture and they had a few chastity belts on display. They were not used by husbands to keep their wives chaste while away... I mean what man wants his wife to not be able to pee or get an infection and die? They were used instead by wealthy women who were traveling to prevent rape.

  • Therese Oneill

    That makes more sense...if she was in control of it she could unlock it to do her business...thanks for that. That's a good point.

There is a difference. Presentation matters; it's a form of communication to the world around us and our first introduction of ourselves.

  • Jord .

    The difference is some people are more prone to judging a person with tattoos. And that says more about the judger than the person with tattoos.

The case for affirmative action in two frames. I don't feel too good about this. So they took the tall guys' box because he had the audacity to be tall, and gave it to the short guy. That's cool if he gave the box up himself. But if he brought that box from home because he deliberately wanted to stand that high over the fence, and then someone bigger and more powerful than him snatched it, and threatened to hurt him if he didn't give it up to the short is that fair?

I think...some women wish to be considered men. But I think they are still women. An apple wrapped in an orange rind, even if it has some orange leaves grafted onto's still an apple. But if you want me to treat you like a guy, I can do that. Hopefully it won't be much different than I was going to treat you anyway.