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for a printmaking station

4th Grade - Styrofoam Fish Prints

Artwork published by gabrielle524

Artwork published by Amara132

Artwork published by Amara132

Printmaking with foil and paint. This kept the kids entertained and creating for the longest time. They couldn't get enough.

shine brite zamorano: ooooh, color:)

shine brite zamorano: group art marker printing project inspired by Lu Summers quilt design.

shine brite zamorano: all together now.

thick cardboard roll with hot glue

Textured Rolling Pin DIY - creative jewish mom

Art is Basic-- Art Teacher Blog: Collographs-- 2nd grade

Art is Basic-- Art Teacher Blog: Collographs-- 2nd grade

cardboard printed Eiffel Towers

Cassie Stephens: In the Art Room: Printed Paris

Grade 4 Printmaking: Watercolor on background; foam printing plate

Paint loose basic shapes using primary colors. Print Miro-esque shapes on top using cardboard and toilet paper rolls in black paint.

bleach printing. so pretty. i wonder if this would work with an eco-friendly bleach product...

Paula Deen 4th of July Napkin DIY —

lots of homemade stamp ideas

Approachable Art by Judi Hurwitt: stamp tutorial