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A mask that basically sucks your pimples & blackheads out...i am adding this to my wish list!

Fill in those brows!! It will totally transform your face for the better! know how to do it right

This girl shows you all the basics that you learn when you go to Mac school. (I finally watched the video and now I understand why everyone is pinning it!)

shooting star piercing, this is a cute alternative to the classic cartilage stud!

Two-way navel barbell for vertical and inverted navel piercings. I can't wait until my inverted navel piercing heals to get one!(:

Awesome Tip! Color your eyelid with white eyeliner as an eyeshadow base. Your eyeshadow color on top will POP and look so much brighter! Love all these tips!!

Make a Wish A symbol of the hopes and wishes you have for your children. You could even correlate the number of birds with the number of children you have

Amazing tutorial to an everyday makeup.