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“I always find it more difficult to say the things I mean than the things I don't.” ― W. Somerset Maugham,

In all walks of life people – nurses included – are using their bodies as canvases. Unfortunately, many healthcare organizations have appearance policies that restrict tattoos from being visible. Never fear, is here! How cute is this Pink sleeve with scrubs? Also we donate proceeds from our Pink Sleeve sales to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation so double win! #inkarmor #tat2x #tattoocoversleeves

Tat2X Tattoo Cover Up Products

I want some sort of trailing flower tattoos like this but with bachelor buttons and poppy seed flowers...pretty much just wild flowers.

I would love to get a lioness tattoo on my left shoulder. I identify heavily with lionesses and feel like they're everything I strive to be. Don't know if I would do color or black and white. But I love how raw and amazing this picture is. From the blood covering her face to the conquering vibe in her eyes.

~Owl~ #tattoo beautiful details

Carlox Angarita

branch & root organic treble clef and birds #leg #thigh #tattoos

Awesome leg tattoos (34 photos) - Xaxor

26 Stunning Harry Potter Tattoos That Will Give You All The Feels

Hot Air Balloon Tattoo by C-Fillhart

Hot Air Balloon Tattoo by C-Fillhart on deviantART

"Speak "Friend" and Enter" The Tolkien nerd in me is super jealous, right now...

half sleeve of dalias 25 Fascinating Sleeve Tattoos For Girls

25 Fascinating Sleeve Tattoos For Girls - SloDive

Done at Valley Ink Brisbane by a man name Vince. it’s a message my dad wrote to me in a birthday card when I was a kid. the copying of the handwriting is flawless, and despite the pain, I’m so pleased with the result!

get a tattoo of any important date, like marriage, baby's birthday, ect.

SaiFou Image | SaiFou

Tattoo Illustration, Pocket Watch, Time, Gears, Clock, Rose, Drawing, Pencil, Leaves

Awesome tattoo idea! Kinda looks like Pam from TrueBlood

Whoa ! - Tattoo Ideas Central

UNDERSTAND Chest Tattoo Design by ~NarcissusTattoos on deviantART

UNDERSTAND Chest Tattoo Design by NarcissusTattoos on deviantART