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Hipster Corgi was herding sheep before it was cool. #herding

Livestock guardian dog at work

Worked Seven the Boder Collie this morning on goats. She is a nice dog and takes her down on balance. Better on her come bye side so we will work the away a bunch! Thanks to Kim Willis and Joan Morgan for being there to help if I needed - my leg is still not healed and turning is tough. The second time in we worked fetching. Stay tuned for future videos!

Sometimes you take a young dog in with a more experienced dog when they are first learning to herd - here Joker (my double herding champion) goes in with his son Jack.

Notice the handler raising the stock stick to cue the dog to slow down or stop? This is working on teaching the dog to rate. This young Australian Shepherd is just learning this and loving it! #herding #australian shepherd

Another nice quality in a started herding dog is their willingness to move off the stick - see how this Australian Shepherd is moving away from the stick?

One thing you like to see in a dog when it is first learning to herd is the ability to cover - check out this Australian Shepherd working! #herding #australian shepherd

This shows a nice herding fetch - the handler is out front, sheep calmly walking behind and the dog behind the sheep, keeping them with the handler. #herding #border #collie

HTCh Lacy’s Cat Ballou (Cat), RN, HXAs/HIAs/HSAd, HRDIIIs/HTADIIIs/HTDIIIds/HTADId, ATDsd/OTDc/OFTDs - showing classic Border Collie style when herding. #BorderCollie #LasCruces #ElPaso #NewMexico #herding