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Love the art style for this game's packaging/print ads, with the blue outlines. Super slick. Mario and Luigi: Dream Team - The Year of Luigi by ~Legend-tony980 on deviantART

Ministry of Silly Walks clock

Ministry of Silly Walks clock

Yordariffic Ico art! Gorgeous. 「この人の手を離さない。」by HIDEO

「この人の手を離さない。」 | HIDEO [pixiv]

Now you're toasting with POWER! | NES Toaster by =MyBurningEyes on deviantART

Bob Ross sack boy. Complete w/ happy little trees and clouds, and a palette bearing Titanium White.


This bracelet is very...Katamari-ish. Coooool.

Is there an excuse for me not having and using one of these on a daily basis? No. There is not. KITTY FACE MUG! COME ON!

I'd wike a Puppet Homestaw. (Miss you, buddy.)

Stuffed Mog I actually own. Got it for way too much at VGXPO in Philly a few years ago. Love me some moogles.

Why am I not already the proud owner of a Parappa doll? I gotta would be great.

That's friggin' adorable. My son is a Kirby freak, too. I should get him something pink marshmallow-related at some point, both because he likes Kirby and because giving my boy a pink thing to wear proudly helps dash gender stereotyping.

Sexy Moxy Früvous jersey. Wish I'd picked one up back in the day. My old "Definition" tee is crumbling. Any Früheads on Pinterest? Anyone else stuck in the '90s?

  • Jacqueline Ash

    Didn't actually discover Früvous til like 2005, but totally wish I'd been listening longer :)

I should probably put this on the "Crap for the Home" board, because now begins my long, difficult quest to convince my wife that we need to replace every light in the house with one of these. Ba-LING!

The scratch & sniff character cards in the back of the pack-in strategy guide for EarthBound. I still remember some of the smells. Not kidding. Shocking I ever found a woman who can love me.

An unopened Super Famicom copy of Chrono Trigger? Yep. Full-on nerd swoon.

Angry Birds cake! Excellent little figures. I'm ready to pig out.

Wooooooow. These are tops. The Boy & His Blob (Wii) kid looks like my son, too. Awesome work.

No analog controller produced since this one for the Sega Saturn has made steering your dude as easy as the ol' UFO did. The "circle stick" is the way to go. (Close, 3DS!) NiGHTS is a great game, BTW.