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We've cracked Mitt's code! And we've got it all right here: rally, confuse and suppress! Click to watch for more.

Mitt Romney back to his old tricks: Secrets and lies, flip-flops, evasion. #Election2012

Is Romney being overshadowed by Paul Ryan?

Mitt Romney sat on a wall. Mitt Romney had a great fall (or two). Even his horse Rafalca couldn't help him. #TheWarRoom

Mitt Romney's European Vacation: hopefully never coming soon to a White House near you!

Romney refuses to release any of the Reports on Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts, or FBARs, that he almost certainly had to file with the IRS because of, among other things, the $3 million Swiss bank account that Romney had.

It's hard to run when you're wearing flip-flops, Mitt!

More secret & lies from Mitt Romney in flip flops!

In the latest Romney flip-flop, SEC filings reveal more Romney secrets and lies. Click on the photo to read about this latest political junkie buzz!

Jennifer Granholm comments on Mitt's secrets and lies in 'The War Room.' July 11, 2012.

From a friend of The War Room, a #Romney flip-flop, July 11, 2012.

Liar liar pants on fire. Mitt in flip flops, again.

Ahoy! June 18, 2012

They're hardly the Rat Pack...

Political Turf War, May 31, 2012