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Freshwater Fish: Corydoras and Allies

Corydoras and Allies: At The Wet Spot we are here to help add beauty to any freshwater aquarium. Like what you see? Contact our sales associates at 503-287-3339 or email

49 Pins

Freshwater Fish: Corydoras and Allies

  • 49 Pins

Corydoras loretoensis

Corydoras loretoensis

Corydoras pastazensis

Corydoras sodalis " False Network Cory"

Corydoras kanei

Corydoras ambiacus " Spotted Cory"

Dianema urostriatum "Flagtail Porthole Cat"

Corydoras narcissus

Corydoras weitzmani

Corydoras trilineatus

Corydoras sterbai

Corydoras sp. "New Panda" CW51

Corydoras sp. "Lazer Orange"

Corydoras sp "Decker" CW21

Corydoras similis

Corydoras seussi

Corydoras schwartzi

Corydoras reticulatus

Corydoras rabauti

Corydoras pygmaeus

Corydoras pulcher

Corydoras panda WILD

Corydoras ortegai

Corydoras oiapoquensis

Corydoras metae