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Wood Counter Tops

DIY Built-In Bookcases, Part 2 (Making The Wood Countertop)

Wood Flooring Countertop

Bathroom Remodel - Build A Counter Out Of Wood Flooring

DIY $40 counter top from Ikea

this & that: Countertops
  • Elizabeth

    This project was not $40

  • Autumn Titus

    The countertop is around 40$ nobuddy said the PROJECT was $40.

  • Elizabeth

    @Autumn Titus It's "nobody" and the counter top is a minimum of $129

  • Autumn Titus

    lol good reply, have you been practicing your spellling...great, now work on practicing your judgement and placing opioions where NOBUDDY gives a Sh**. Thanks :)

  • Elizabeth

    Yet you cared enough to ATTEMPT to correct me, right? And I'm sorry, when did I offer a judgement? Also, it's "opinions" and I never stated one. You should should go look up the definition of "opinion", dummy. @Autumn Titus

How to Update Your Kitchen Counters on a Budget

How to Update Your Kitchen Counters on a Budget

DIY butcher block countertops with Ikea wood counter tops. so dreamy!

Stillwater Story: How to Stain Butcher Block Countertops