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Identity Crises

Like America's Most Wanted, only the crimes portrayed here tend toward the aesthetic.

Locum provides receptionist services. By their Xmas cards I'd say they're *overly* receptive.

"Because JINGOS! = USA... USA... USA..." Only in this great country can we invent a name that celebrates our intolerance, and then slap on punctuation that makes any questions about it seem incredulous. "They named it JINGOS!?" (See!?)

I must admit I can think of no better way to suggest "TV for Women" than with a maxi pad soaking in red stuff.

Because prepubescent runaway girls are comforted by reach-around groping?

West Palm Beach runaways have a safe place to run

It means "Everyone Plays" but they left out the "...with Clip Art and MS Paint."

They didn't sell much more Apple Butter, but special requests increased dramatically

Actually, this year I'm rather looking forward to Father's Day.

A brand so awful that you almost don't notice the gratuitous use of Papyrus.

Wisconsin changed their tourism federation acronym after 40 years? WTF?!

Ten yard penalty for unintentional back napping! (In the pros you gotta bring your A-game.)

"CRAPHICS" indeed. [Pretty sure this is proof that someone found Photoshop's hidden Apply All Effects command.]

Monarchs - the store for people who need everything. Including "combs cases." (Spotted driving in NW DC)


National Psoriasis Foundation: You Scratch My Armpit, I'll Scratch Yours!

Evidently "Psoriasis" translates to "Scoliosis" in Australian.

How not to sell seven inches of meat to women. Or men, for that matter.

Something seems shady here, but it isn't the promotional check.

  • Arek Dreyer

    Ha, they forgot to paste in a reflection of a big fake check.

  • Marianne Panos

    Ha! The check isn't in the reflection on the car either! They also spelled "Hunderd"incorrect! Hilarious!

  • Ski Sullivan

    And don't big fake checks cast shadows?

In hindsight, Schick's "Cutters" promotion proved effective, if short-sighted.

The Truth? You shouldn't have hired your nephew to design your logo.

Winner in the "More Sad Than Funny Category"... The i.Beat blaxx media player!

Time for your shots kids! Oh... don't mind the monster, hypodermic needle and shards of glass.

You don't have to pay millions for horrible logos. This guy guarantees crappiness for just $5.

Mantyhose - The real guy's solution to losing half of each pair of socks.