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NASA scientist builds Mad Cat BattleTech treehouse for his kids

Mad Cat BattleTech Treehouse [Pic]
  • Kate Day

    Those kids don't look happy about this at all

Bee and Puppycat Inflatable Sword

Bee and Puppycat Inflatable Sword

Bravest Warriors Messenger Bag

Bravest Warriors Messenger Bag

Glow Rocks Science Kit

Glow Rocks Science Kit

Discover Amber Science Kit

Discover Amber Science Kit

Megatron cake topper

Mindboggling Megatron Cake Topper

The science behind tangled earphones.

  • Jessica Alise

    I always check!

  • Susan

    If you crochet/knit icord/friendshipbracelet knot around the wires all the way down, they won't tangle any more.

  • purple owls C

    My headphones were made so that it is impossible for me to wear the left one in the right ear.

Turning ticket stubs into pillows

The pros & cons of owning fictional pets

The Pros and Cons of Fictional Pets

M48 First Aid Kit

M48 First Aid Kit

Alien Saga Poster Collection

Alien Saga Poster Collection

The Official Sharknado Survival Guide

The Official Sharknado Survival Guide

Introducing Raspberry Pi Model B+

Blog | Raspberry Pi

Tetris Tater Tots

Tetris + Tater Tots = Totris

The line to San Diego Comic-Con 31 years ago

Twitter / Tuckerpete: Here's the line to get into ...
  • Cyn Bermudez

    Nerd culture was better back then, before it got watered down for the masses.

  • KvB

    Yeah, I get that. But once it got popular, more projects got funded so that's a plus. And I don't mind Game of Thrones being hugely popular if that decreases the likelihood of it meeting a Firefly-esque fate. :)

  • Josie

    My first time at Comic Con was either in 2004 or 2005. I walked up and bought my ticket there with no problem and very little line. I miss that.

  • Lisa Reynolds

    Back in 2005 my dad and I were walking around saw it and went up and bought a ticket. Nerdy before it was cool

  • Gregory Betancourt

    It just seems like things were so limited back then. Now, you can be geeky a thousand different ways, and right out in the open no less, and that's a great feeling!

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Business cat strikes again

Happy Jar - Photocopier

Geek girl makes awesome Facebook cover and profile photo mash-ups

Joss Whedon brings back Buffy (on a napkin)

Twitter / josswhedon: @ThoughtOtter your wish is ...

The time it will take to binge watch these TV shows

  • Lydia

    Yeah really doctor who would be like forever

  • Luana Gonzalez

    There is a 2nd version...all of dr. Who....17 days

  • Avradi

    Hm, I wonder about Star Trek TNG. Not that I plan to do it or something...

  • M Oja

    Firefly: 8 hours without watching Serenity

  • Nikki E

    Of course sherlock is the shortest

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What happens when you immerse your hand in "hot ice"

Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Re-Release Trailer

  • Alex Squier

    Got to wear a proton pack and sit in the ecto 1 at NFCC this year!

You can now explore Adam Savage's cave on Google Street View