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A combo of both cut and loop carpet piles, the variation in texture creates a pattern on the surface that helps disguise wear and dirt, so it's a good choice for high-traffic rooms. The pile can be of the same height, or a mix of high and low to create more visual interest. | Illustration: Joe McKendry

All About Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

Everything you will need to build and hang a sliding barn door | Illustration: Gregory Nemec

How to Build a Sliding Barn Door

The math is simple: Figure the square footage of the space you wish to plant, then use our chart to determine the quantity of a specific bulb you'll need per square foot. Adjust quantities based on the size of your bulbs. Generally, top-size tulip bulbs are 12cm or larger in circumference; daffodils at least 16cm. So, for example, to plant a 10-square-foot bed with large tulip bulbs, multiply 10 × 6 for a total of 60 bulbs. Think of it as A (area) × B (bulbs) = C (color). |

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Flower Bulbs

The basic parts of a mortared-stone wall. Components can vary for other wall types. | Drainage stone: Keeps water from collecting behind the wall | Filter fabric: Prevents soil from clogging drainage stone | Batter: The backward lean into the earth, about 1 inch for every 1 foot of wall height | Weep hole: Spaced every 6 to 8 feet, it lets water drain through the wall base | Footing: Reinforced concrete supports the wall | Footing drain: Carries away water

All About Retaining Walls

Roger Cook's 'Bulb Sandwich' diagram: "All you need to do is dig one big hole, then layer in three bulb varieties according to their different bloom times," says Roger.

Flowering Bulbs

The metal used for the panels is heavy—if you hang them directly off of drywall or plaster the nails will pull out. So first you'll need to cover the ceiling with plywood to create a secure nailing surface. | Illustration: Gregory Nemec

How to Hang a Tin Ceiling

The basics of a pendant; sconce and flush-mount fixtures have similar housing and inner workings, and a mounting plate.

All About Front Entry Lighting

Here's what you'll need in order to lay down a floating floor | Illustration: Gregory Nemec

How to Install a Linoleum Tile Floor

Delivery-Day Reminder: Measure the dimensions of not only the area where the machines will be installed but also doorways and stairwells that they will have to pass through to get to the laundry room. Most machines need about a 30-inch-wide opening. | Illustration: Ian Worpole

Read This Before You Redo Your Laundry Room

Mastering the perfect glassy finish is all in the prep work. Before starting, you must properly clean, sand, and prime every inch of the surface, or the finish color won't stick well. | Illustration: Gregory Nemec

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Rot-resistant planks and a salvaged window create a protective box that extends the growing season | Illustration: Gregory Nemec

How to Build a Cold Frame

Resilient yet durable, stylish yet earthy, a natural cork floor can turn any cool room into a cozy haven. Cork is also a lot easier to install than traditional wood flooring. | illustration: Gregory Nemec

How to Lay a Cork Floor

The parts you need to create a window cornice. Download and print a cut list | Photo: Gregory Nemec

How to Build a Window Cornice

Put together a charming tree bench over one weekend. Friday: Make the bench's template and size the sections. Saturday: Cut and lay out the seat boards, and make the leg assemblies. Sunday: Attach the seat boards to the leg assemblies, install the bench around the tree, and add the backrest and apron.

How to Build a Tree Bench

Replacing an existing light fixture with a fan is a simple, one-day task since the wiring is already in place. Here are the parts you need to know

How to Install a Ceiling Fan

Anatomy of a simple brick BBQ: the essential parts

All About Built-in Barbecue Pits

Save this diagram to identify common wood window parts

All About Wood Windows

Anatomy of grass Each 1,000 square feet of healthy lawn contains about a million plants. | Photo: Gusto Images/Science Photo Library

All About Lawns

A lush canopy can provide shade and shelter from the rain. Here, a custom metal pergola entwined with wisteria creates a green roof. | Photo: Tria Giovan For a similar look at a wallet-friendly price, try the Hampton Bay pergola, about $500;

Outdoor Rooms as the Perfect Staycation Destinations

An arched opening invites the eye toward a handsome butler's pantry with cool-green beveled-mirror cabinet fronts. | Photo: Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn |

The Hidden Beauty in a 1920s Mediterranean Revival

All the parts you need to assemble a lily pond in a weekend.

How to Make a Lily Pond

A behind-the-scenes building material turns into a kitchen star. Here's a look at how a concrete counter is made. | Photo: Kristine Larsen

Concrete's Changing Colors